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Managed Methods
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Automatic Choice of Compilation Model: Avoid Warning 4793!
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Now we come to the GUI adapter. I delayed the explanation until now because there are some specific problems addressed by the Adapter pattern that can t be explained in a single sentence or paragraph. Refer back to the interface IControlAdapter shown in Figure 5-4. This interface implements the Adapter pattern.6 The general idea behind this pattern is to adapt one set of operating conditions to another. In technical terms, this means exposing a predefined interface to use another set of interfaces not directly related to the predefined interface. In simple terms, the Adapter pattern makes a square peg fit in a round hole.
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The IResolver interface is a Generics-based interface that has two Generic parameters: Identifier and ObjectType. The Generic parameter Identifier refers to the type used to identify an assembly and type. The Identifier could be the .NET framework Type or a custom identifier. The Generic type ObjectType associated with the method CreateInstance, known as a methodbased Generic type, represents the type that is being cast to. Usually, this will be an abstract base class or an interface. Using a Generic method saves a typecast, as an implementation of the CreateInstance method will perform the typecast. The methods Load and Unload load and unload an IResolver implementation. The idea behind different IResolver implementations is to let the implementation determine how to instantiate assemblies, which will include the dynamic loading and unloading of assemblies, but these processes are instigated using the methods Load and Unload. This makes it possible for an IResolver implementation to reference multiple AppDomains, remoting-based objects, or even web services objects.
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A Project contains a child collection: ProjectResources. The ProjectResources collection contains ProjectResource objects. As designed in 6, each ProjectResource object represents a resource that has been assigned to the project. Also remember from 6 that ProjectResource shares some behaviors with ResourceAssignment, and those common behaviors were factored out into an Assignment object. As you look through the code in ProjectResource, you ll see calls to the behaviors in Assignment, as ProjectResource collaborates with that other object to implement its own behaviors. I ll discuss the Assignment class after ProjectResource. ProjectResource is an editable child object, and so that is the template (from 7) that I ll follow here. Editable child objects have the following code regions: Business Methods Validation Rules Authorization Rules Factory Methods Data Access
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The log file tells us about many of the aspects of our load. We can see the options we used (defaulted or otherwise). We can see how many records were read, how many loaded, and so on. The log files specify the locations of all BAD and DISCARD files. They even tell us how long it took. These log files are crucial for verifying that the load was successful, as well as for diagnosing errors. If the loaded data resulted in SQL errors (i.e., the input data was bad and created records in the BAD file), these errors would be recorded here. The information in the log files is largely self-explanatory, so we will not spend any more time on it.
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public Quote EndRequestQuote(System.IAsyncResult asyncResult) { object[] results = this.EndInvoke(asyncResult); return ((Quote)(results[0])); } }
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Figure 5-25. Establishing an AppSettings segment
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