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I say server-side, but keep in mind that the server-side data portal components may run on either the client workstation or on a remote server. Refer to the Client-Side DataPortal section of this chapter regarding how this selection is made. The data portal is implemented to minimize overhead as much as possible when configured to run locally or remotely, so it is appropriate for use in either scenario.
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NullIterator<> implements the IEnumerable<> interface, which defines a base class that in turn defines an empty iterator. NullEmumerator<> is used as an empty iterator. NullEnumerator<> is an implementation that can be used by a class to return Null Object iterator implementation. The following testing code illustrates how to use a Null Object iterator: [TestFixture] public class TestEmptyIterator { public class EmptyIterator { public IEnumerator<string> GetEnumerator() { return new NullEnumerator< string>(); } } [Test] public void TestNonIterable() { EmptyIterator iter = new EmptyIterator(); foreach( string element in iter) { NUnit.Framework.Assert.Fail( "Should never be reached"); } } } The inner class EmptyIterator exposes a single method, GetEnumerator, which returns an instance of type NullEnumerator<>. In the method TestNonIterable, the inner class EmptyIterator is instantiated and then iterated using the foreach loop. The power of this approach is that a user-defined object that references a user-defined collection of objects can be iterated even if the collection of objects doesn t exist. There is no need to check for a null condition for a user-defined collection. Note that if the collection references a type from the .NET collection implementation library, it s possible to use a foreach loop on empty collections.
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The other time you ll need to create your own custom listener is when you want to use a TCP channel to send binary encoded requests in Remoting. This can be as simple as a console application with an application configuration file. <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <service> <wellknown mode="Singleton" type="BookLib.BookService, BookLib" objectUri="BookService.soap" /> </service> <channels> <channel port="8080" ref="tcp" /> </channels> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> You can see in this configuration that the Remoting infrastructure is being directed to listen to port 8080 for incoming TCP requests. The code for the listener application simply calls into the Remoting infrastructure to start listening for requests on that port. class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // Load the remoting configuration file RemotingConfiguration.Configure("RListener.exe.config"); // Keep server alive until enter is pressed Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to end"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Notice that this application blocks and therefore keeps the process alive by making a call to Console.Writeline. A background thread, spawned by the Remoting infrastructure when you call Configure, will listen to the configured port for incoming requests for remoted components as long as this process stays running.
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Although these additional requirements aren t part of the business process, any system that facilitates this process must provide these features. The workflow doesn t provide most of these features; instead, the host application provides them, in this case an ASP.NET application. Figure 10-1 displays a flow chart showing the business process flow (it doesn t include the non-business process requirements listed earlier).
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Typically, OLTP applications suffer from having large numbers of very short transactions. Thousands of concurrent short transactions will increase activity against enqueues for TM and TX, leading to latch contention. If possible, modify the code to avoid or reduce this type of activity, and try grouping small transactions into bigger ones. Note that worrying about short transactions only matters if the lock type behind the contention is TM or TX.
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To quickly filter the labels in a pivot table, you can select one or more labels, and then use the selection to filter the pivot table. To filter for three of the Product labels, follow these steps: 1. Click a cell that contains one of the Product row labels you want to filter, to select that label. 2. Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and click two other Product row labels, to select them. 3. Right-click one of the selected labels. 4. In the context menu, click Filter, and then click Keep Only Selected Items.
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Listing 3-7. Parse Message Received from a Queue into String const int UPDATE_TIMEOUT_SEC = 5; Message message = _GetXmlPayloadQueue().GetMessage(UPDATE_TIMEOUT_SEC); if (message != null) { btnDelete.Enabled = true; LabelMessage.Text = Server.HtmlEncode(message.ContentAsString()); } else { btnDelete.Enabled = false; } The results of Exercise 3-1 are shown in Figure 3-6. The messages put into the queue will be displayed in a loop one after another on the update panel. The automatic updating is controlled by the Ajax update manager component, which needs to be inserted in the Default.aspx page.
With the list of allowed and denied roles established, the framework is able to implement authentication in the GetProperty() and SetProperty() helper methods. Behind the scenes there are CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods that are called to do the actual authentication. Rather than using the GetProperty() and SetProperty() helper methods, you could choose to make explicit calls to the authentication and validation subsystems in CSLA .NET. The result would be a property that looks like this: Private _name As String = String.Empty Public Property Name() As String Get CanReadProperty("Name", True) Return _name End Get Set(ByVal value As String) CanWriteProperty("Name", True) If String.IsNullOrEmpty(value) Then value = String.Empty End If If _name <> value Then _name = value PropertyHasChanged("Name") End If End Set End Property Obviously the helper methods discussed earlier in the chapter result in a lot less code and are the preferred approach for coding properties. The CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods check the current user s roles against the list of roles allowed and denied read and write access to this particular property. If the authorization rules are violated, a security exception is thrown; otherwise, the user is allowed to read or write the property. The CanReadProperty() and CanWriteProperty() methods are Public in scope. This is important because it allows code in the UI layer to ask the object about the user s permissions to read and write each property. The UI can use this information to alter its display to give the user visual cues as appropriate. In 19, you ll see how this capability can be exploited by a custom WPF control to eliminate most authorization code in a typical application. Although the story isn t quite as compelling in Web Forms, 20 demonstrates how to leverage this capability in a similar manner.
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The core of the message router behavior is the SimpleDataPortal class. In the final analysis, after going through the channel adapter and transactional behaviors, all client calls end up being handled on the server by an instance of SimpleDataPortal. This class is the counterpart to the client-side Csla.Data Portal, since it is this class that interacts directly with the business objects designed by the business developer. SimpleDataPortal implements the four data methods defined by IDataPortalServer: Create(), Fetch(), Update(), and Delete(). Each of these methods follows the same basic processing flow: Create or get an instance of the business object. Call the object s DataPortal_OnDataPortalInvoke() method (if implemented). Call the appropriate DataPortal_XYZ method on the object. Set the object s status (new, dirty, etc.) as appropriate. Call the object s DataPortal_OnDataPortalInvokeComplete() method (if implemented). In case of exception, call the object s DataPortal_OnDataPortalException() method (if implemented) and throw a Csla.Server.DataPortalException. Return the resulting business object (if appropriate). Let s look at the Create() method in detail, followed by the minor differences required to implement the other four methods.
The Mac OS X and iPhone operating systems are BSD (Unix) derivatives. Because of this, you need to rely on the Unix way of checking time passed. This same code will work on Linux, but it s done differently on Windows. A moment in Unix time is represented by a timeval, a high-precision type that stores time. It is capable of representing billions of seconds and is precise down to a millionth of a second. Since what we care about is 1/60 second, it s far more precision than we need. The timeval structure is normally defined as shown in Listing 6-19.
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