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The External Web Service (StockTraderServiceQuote)
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In these two instances, the query counts the number of ints in the given integer array. Suppose, however, that you only want to count the odd elements of the array. To do that, you must supply the Count method with code that determines whether an integer is odd. To do this, you would use the second form of the Count method, which is shown following. It has a generic delegate as its second parameter. At the point it is invoked, you must supply a delegate object that takes a single input parameter of type T and returns a Boolean value. The return value of the delegate code must specify whether the element should be included in the count. public static int Count<T>(this IEnumerable<T> source, Func<T, bool> predicate ); Generic delegate
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The RichTextBox allows you as a Silverlight 4 developer to display editable documents in a very rich way, almost like a PDF. In a RichTextBox you can not only have paragraphs with bold, underline, and italics but you can have other non-text items such as Buttons, Hyperlinks, Images, and much more. This is very handy when developing a newspaper-like application with lots of images, links, and text.
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Note Another approach could have been that you store the currentMouseState in the
} } In the code snippet, we used the Where clause for the var Error object. It is the LINQ to query for the supplied error code! That is why we added the namespace System.Linq. Now we jump back to the code for public properties for the class to which the user interface control can bind. In the existing region public members (#region public members) we add the following code for the public Name property. public string Name { get { return name; } set { name = value; if (value==string.Empty) { //Add error ErrorInfo er = new ErrorInfo("N501", "Name is required."); addError("Name", er); } else { //Remove error removeError("Name", "N501"); } if (ErrorsChanged != null) ErrorsChanged(this, new DataErrorsChangedEventArgs("Name")); } } In the code snippet, we simply check for the name string and if the name is empty, a validation error of the type ErrorInfo is created and added to the Error dictionary object using the addError method. If this validation error is corrected in bound control, then the removeError method will invoke to remove this validation error from the property error list. In both cases the ErrorsChanged event is raised to keep the user interface bound control updating. The code for the other two public properties, Websiteurl and Email, is shown here. public string Websiteurl { get { return websiteurl; } set { websiteurl = value; vds.ValidateUrlAsync(value); } } public string Email { get { return email; }
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