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You ve seen that the implicit conversions automatically convert from the source expression to the target type because there is no possible loss of data. With the explicit conversions, however, there is the possibility of losing data so it is important for you as the programmer to know how a conversion will handle that loss if it occurs. In this section, you will look at each of the various types of explicit numeric conversions. Figure 18-10 shows the subset of explicit conversions shown in Figure 18-8.
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Next, you ll actually define the triangles, using the Vector3s defined earlier. The cube has six faces, which are defined by two triangles each, so you ll need to define 6*2*3 = 36 vertices. After defining all vertices, you send them to the memory on the graphics card by putting them in a VertexBuffer, as described in recipe 5-4: VertexPosition[] vertices = new VertexPosition[36]; int i = 0; //face in front vertices[i++] = vertices[i++] = vertices[i++] = of the camera new VertexPosition(forwardBottomLeft); new VertexPosition(forwardUpperLeft); new VertexPosition(forwardUpperRight);
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Creating the Data Model
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7. Select the icon next to Birthday and change the Format to Date (Figure 15-11).
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I was a little bewildered by the trouble two-finger rotation was causing people. I figured if all my kids could do it, so could everyone else. The tutorial emphasized using two thumbs to rotate, but a lot of people either didn t watch the tutorial and were trying to use a one-handed pinching maneuver or simply felt using two hands was too much work. So, to combat the problem of people skipping, or misunderstanding, the tutorial, I released a YouTube video detailing exactly how to rotate and included it on my support site. After about a week, sales started to slump (I learned much later that this sales cycle was perfectly normal for any new application). I released a free Lite version of TanZen hoping that it would grab new buyers. It worked like a charm. Sales were better than ever! And then the most wonderful thing happened. Apple decided to feature TanZen in the New listings, which is the best possible spot on the iPhone. Nobody really knew it at the time, but being featured was like winning the lottery. TanZen sales went through the roof, and within two days, the application was number 12 in the entire App Store! Lindi and I watched our credit card debt melt away as each day went by, and knowing that all the work we did was actually going to change our lives wow. I also felt a little nervous. I thought someone was going to figure out that I was just some guy with no gaming experience who bluffed his way to the top of the App Store. Even though TanZen was highly ranked, the fact that the game s reviews were peppered with players complaining about the two-finger rotation was starting to bug me, so I decided to revisit the issue. I needed to design a single-finger rotation scheme that closely resembled the old scheme, so I could please old and new players. Lindi and I really liked the move and rotate controls in TanZen. They were clean, fingernail-proof, and best of all, didn t involve a bunch of buttons and interface doodads. Plus, accidentally activating a move instead of a rotate was impossible. So, how could I take this nearly perfect solution and make it perfect for everyone The solution had to satisfy a set of conditions: Piece movement had to be fingernail friendly. Rotation feedback had to remain the same. And most importantly, Lindi had to like it. Being the wise (lazy) programmer that I am, I decided to modify what I already had instead of creating something new. What would happen if I eliminated the second finger requirement, mapped movement to touches inside the selection ring, and mapped rotation to touches directly on the ring I quickly coded up that idea and gave it to Lindi to try. She hated it. She kept accidentally rotating a shape, when she meant to move it. The problem was that she had always moved pieces by dragging with the ring itself, never inside it. Now, I knew that not everyone was playing that way; instead, some were
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Note When the pivot table is refreshed or changed, the merged labels return to center alignment and
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generic <typename T> // or generic < class T> where T : I ref class G { /* body of generic class */ }; generic < typename T, typename U > where T : R, gcnew() // multiple constraints on one type parameter where U : value class // constraints on multiple type parameters public ref class G abstract { /* body of generic abstract class */ T t; // reference type handle U u; // value type object public: G() { t = gcnew T(); } };
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The following statements assign an object to a var variable and call a method on it: var myInferredType = new StringBuilder("Introduction to C#"); myInferredType.Append(" 2010"); The following statements create a simple anonymous type: var myAnonType = new { Name = "Adam Freeman", Age = 32, City = "London" }; Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", myAnonType.Name);
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Figure 4-17. Demonstrating web camera and microphone capturing and taking snapshot image capabilities So far, so good in terms of some basic functionalities. However, in the Silverlight 4 version, it would be a bit challenging to achieve all the desired commercial functionalities, such as processing, saving, and streaming synchronized captured video and audio in the compress format, and so forth. At present you can somewhat achieve this functionality by processing the captured uncompressed raw audio and video streams using the AudioSink, VideoSink, and MediaStreamSources classes. No matter what, this is still a right step in a right direction, and if you are comparing it with Adobe Flash, you will be surprised to see that Silverlight is getting closer to dominating this area.
Configuration of a queued component can take a long time. Since you re relying on lazy registration (see the Configuration section a bit later in this chapter), your first block of code creates an instance of the type specifically for the purpose of registering it in COM+. You then declare an instance of the IQueuable interface and instantiate by using the Marshal.BindToMoniker method. This method lives in the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace, which must be imported with a using statement. The string passed to it has the fully qualified name of the type built into the tail end of it, which is how the BindToMoniker method knows the proper type to create. The Serviced Component infrastructure takes care of the rest. Your code proceeds to call the executeSQL method 99 times. These method calls do not wait for the work of the insert statements to get done. Execution continues (and in our case, the application terminates) while the database work is picked up off the queue by the COM+ listener and executes asynchronously independently from our application. The last thing you do is explicitly destroy the COM object by calling ReleaseComObject (another static method on the Marshal type).
Alias the generic type with a using statement.
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