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Creating a clone of a serializable object is easily accomplished through the use of the BinaryFormatter object in the System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary namespace. Still, the implementation is a few lines of code. Rather than replicating this code in every base class, it can be centralized in a single object. All the base classes can then collaborate with this object to perform the clone operation. The class contains the following code: Namespace Core Friend Module ObjectCloner Public Function Clone(ByVal obj As Object) As Object Using buffer As New MemoryStream() Dim formatter As New BinaryFormatter() formatter.Serialize(buffer, obj) buffer.Position = 0 Dim temp As Object = formatter.Deserialize(buffer) Return temp End Using End Function End Module End Namespace This code is implemented in a Module, as there is no reason to create an instance of the class. Also notice that it has a scope of Friend, making it only available to classes within the CSLA .NET framework. The Clone() method itself uses the BinaryFormatter to serialize the object s state into an inmemory buffer. All objects referenced by the business object are also automatically serialized into the same buffer. The combination of an object and all the objects it references, directly or indirectly, is called an object graph. The in-memory buffer is immediately deserialized to create a copy of the original object graph. The buffer is then disposed, as it could consume a fair amount of memory, depending on the size of the fields in your objects. The resulting copy is returned to the calling code.
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It s certainly true that the most successful information systems are based on a symbiotic relationship between the DBA and the application developer. In this section I just want to give a developer s perspective on the division of work between developer and DBA (assuming that every serious development effort has a DBA team). As a developer, you should not necessarily have to know how to install and configure the software. That should be the role of the DBA and perhaps the system administrator (SA). Setting up Oracle Net, getting the listener going, configuring the shared server, enabling connection pooling, installing the database, creating the database, and so on these are functions I place in the hands of the DBA/SA.
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1. In Blend, create a new project by clicking File 2. Select Silverlight Application. 3. Name the project ListBoxSample. 4. Click OK.
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string wpInfo = string.Format("Name is: {0}", wp.Identity.Name); wpInfo += string.Format("\nIs authenticated : {0}", wp.Identity.IsAuthenticated); wpInfo += string.Format("\nAuth type: {0}", wp.Identity.AuthenticationType); wpInfo += string.Format("\nIs user a guest : {0}", wp.IsInRole(@"Developers")); MessageBox.Show(wpInfo, "Current Principal Info"); }
Figure 2-14. Development board for the AT91SAM9261 module
The readonly modifier is applied to fields. Fields that are readonly can be assigned values only in their declaration statement or in a constructor of the class that contains them.
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