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This is messy and difficult to read. Fortunately, C# supports verbatim string literals, where the literal value is not scanned for escape sequences. A verbatim literal is defined by placing an at sign in front of the literal value, like this:
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Listing 6-3 shows a simplified policy file that defines that SOAP messages should be secured using Kerberos. The name of the class that implements the assertion is shown in bold. Listing 6-3. Policy File Showing an Empty Kerberos Assertion <policies xmlns=""> <extensions> <extension name="kerberosSecurity" type="Microsoft.Web.Services3.Design.KerberosAssertion, Microsoft.Web.Services3, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" /> </extensions> <policy name="MyKerberosPolicy"> <kerberosSecurity /> </policy> </policies> You can assign a policy to a Web service by using the Policy attribute, as shown in the following example: [Policy("MyKerberosPolicy")] public class Service : System.Web.Services.WebService { public Service () {} [WebMethod] public string HelloWorld() { return "Hello World"; } } You can do the same at the client side by applying the Policy attribute to the proxy class autogenerated by WSE 3.0. When you use WSE 3.0, your proxy file will contain a couple of classes that you can use to communicate with the service. One of them inherits from SoapHttpClientProtocol and it doesn t provide the extended capabilities offered by WSE. The second one inherits from WebServicesClientProtocol and this is the class that allows you to benefit from the features of the WSE framework. You could apply the Policy attribute to the second class, but this file is autogenerated and you would lose your changes if you update the Web reference. For this reason, the best way to apply a policy at the client side is using the SetPolicy method of the WSE-enabled proxy class. MyService.ServiceWse myService = new MyService.ServiceWse(); myService.SetPolicy("MyKerberosPolicy"); You can think of policies and their assertions as a pipeline where the assertions are executed in the order in which they are listed. Each policy assertion generates SOAP filters that are responsible for inspecting and modifying the SOAP messages. The methods that apply these filters are defined as abstract methods in the PolicyAssertion class and they are overridden by each policy assertion implementation.
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VE is an entirely hosted online application and as such doesn t require any extra component on the client to function properly. External script inclusion on top of your page is all that is needed to open the doors to the rich functionality of VE. One exception to this fact is the use of 3D maps. 3D maps are implemented via an ActiveX plug-in that needs to be
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Visual State Manager (VSM)
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Window Manipulation and Customization
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From x in someCollection_ Where x.LastName = "Smith"_ Select x Original BusinessListBase
The default dialog boxes, such as open file dialog box, save file dialog box, and custom dialog box, are critical for any line-of-business application. Silverlight features the OpenFileDialog class and the SaveFileDialog class to access or store files to local file systems. Similarly it provides the ChildWindow template to create a custom modal dialog box.
if (character == safe_cast<wchar_t>(Characters::NEWLINE)) { Console::ReadLine(); break; } if (character == '_') { letter = Letter::_; // If a blank is entered, read the next character. code = Console::Read(); character = safe_cast<wchar_t>(code); } else if (Char::IsLetter(character)) { if (Char::IsUpper(character)) { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'A' + 1); } else // character is a lowercase letter. { letter = safe_cast<Letter>(character - 'a' + 1); } } // See if the letter is in the player's hand. Tile^ tile = gcnew Tile(letter); if (letter == Letter::_) { tile->BlankValue = character; } Tile^ tileToRemove = nullptr; bool tileFound = false; for each (Tile^ t in workingTiles) { if (t->LetterValue == tile->LetterValue) { tileToRemove = t; tileFound = true; } } if ( tileFound ) { workingTiles->Remove( tileToRemove ); workingBoard[row, col] = tile; if (playType == PlayType::Across) {
I think one of the biggest and most valuable changes in ASP.NET 4.0 is the new deployment functionality. VS2010 makes it easier than ever before deploy your ASP.NET application. VS2010 allows you to Perform transformations on Web.config for different build configurations. Create web packages (zip files that contain your application, database, and settings in a single file). Install your application and all its settings with just one click (one-click publishing).
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