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Enhancing the Base Classes
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The ResourceList collection exposes one factory method: GetResourceList(). This factory method simply uses the data portal to retrieve the list of data. For this example, no criteria is used, so the entire list is retrieved: Public Shared Function GetResourceList() As ResourceList Return DataPortal.Fetch(Of ResourceList)(New Criteria) End Function Of course, there s also a non-Public constructor to require the use of the factory method.
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Nested Tables
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Figure 10-8. Referencing ProjectTracker.Library
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Browser capability files
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As it traces through a business object to take a snapshot of the object s state, UndoableBase may encounter child objects. For n-level undo to work for complex objects as well as simple objects, any snapshot of object state must extend down through all child objects as well as the parent object. I discussed this earlier with the Invoice and LineItem example. When BeginEdit() is called on an Invoice, it must also take snapshots of the states of all its LineItem objects, because they re technically part of the state of the Invoice object itself. To do this while preserving encapsulation, each individual object takes a snapshot of its own state so that no object data is ever made available outside the object thus preserving encapsulation for each object. In that case, UndoableBase simply calls a method on the child object to cascade the BeginEdit(), CancelEdit(), or ApplyEdit() call to that object. It is then up to the individual child object to take a snapshot of its own data. In other words, each object is responsible for managing its own state, including taking a snapshot and potentially restoring itself to that snapshot later. UndoableBase implements Core.IUndoableObject, which simplifies the code in the class. This interface defines the methods required by UndoableBase during the undo process. A child object could also be a collection derived from BusinessListBase. Notice that BusinessListBase implements the Core.IEditableCollection interface, which inherits from the Core.IUndoableObject interface.
Addition and Subtraction
Figure 6-19. Customized DataForm with display attributes applied to fields
The Structure of a Method
Figure 6-1. Creating the 6 project 4. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project name and select Add New Item, as shown in Figure 6-2.
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