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Platform as a Service (PAAS)
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Figure 10-3. Choose File System and EPRWeb to create the Web site.
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What Is an Indexer .net
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The accelerator key for the element. The access key for the element. A unique identifier for the element; useful as a cue for automation clients in searches. Help text for the element; generally the associated tool tip text. true if the element is a column header (such as in a DataGrid). true if the element must be filled out for a given form. true if the element is a row header (such as in a DataGrid). Indicates the status of the item; generally application specific. Describes the type of the element. Specifies which UIElement acts as a label for this element. The element s name.
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In this chapter as well as the previous one, you were introduced to most of the controls in the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. And as you have seen, these controls can bring about tremendous gains in development effort because they provide some advanced effects and client UI functionality with very little code and near drag-and-drop ease. Also, this toolkit is available with its source code and thus customizable. Finally, due to a large number of script files that are often generated, the performance of your ASP.NET page may at times be somewhat sluggish. Therefore, it s important to use good judgment when deciding to use a number of the toolkit extenders on heavy (containing lots of content and dynamic controls) pages with lots of traffic.
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12. Now that we already have our BitmapImage with a Source set to the raw bytes of the dropped
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References to Multiple Interfaces
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Figure 3-5. Creating a new OpenGL ES project
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An interface is a reference type that represents a set of function members, but does not implement them. Other types classes or structs can implement interfaces. To get a feeling for interfaces, I ll start by showing one that is already defined. The BCL declares an interface called IComparable, which is shown in the code that follows. Notice that the interface body contains the declaration of a single method, CompareTo, which takes a single parameter of type object. Although the method has a name, parameters, and a return type, there is no implementation. Instead, the implementation is replaced by a semicolon. Keyword Interface name public interface IComparable { int CompareTo( object obj ); } Semicolon in place of method implementation Figure 17-1 illustrates interface IComparable. The CompareTo method is shown in gray to illustrate that it doesn t contain an implementation.
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