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Using the System.IO.Path Class
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CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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In the following sections, we will set the properties for each of the controls. The basic approach to this is the same in WPF as we saw in the previous chapter, although you will see some differences in the designer interface.
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3-12. Create a 3D Explosion Effect/Simple Particle System
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is using a UTF-8 character set itself. Otherwise it might be translating the characters when printing to the screen! A common terminal emulator for Unix will typically be 7 bit ASCII. This affects both Windows and Unix users alike. Make sure your terminal can display the characters.
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Adding Methods to Delegates
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The ApplyWriteRules Method
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Providing Managed Methods As Callbacks for Unmanaged Code
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You can really see the mix between the list and dictionary functionality of the SortedList<TKey, TVal> class when it comes to the members used to add, retrieve and remove items. We will see some members, such as Keys and Values, again when we come to look at the dictionary collections later in the chapter. Others, such as IndexOfKey and IndexOfValue, are characteristic of a conventional list. The members are described in Table 19-15. Table 19-15. Members for Adding, Retrieving, and Removing Items
because the WS-Addressing specification supersedes the WS-Routing specification. (The WS-Referral specification is orthogonal to the WS-Routing specification.)
Server explorer in Visual Studio supports the creation of database diagrams, which are stored in the database. These diagrams not only illustrate the relationships between tables, but also tell SQL Server how to enforce and work with those relationships. Under the PTracker.mdf node in Server Explorer, there s a node for Database Diagrams. Rightclick this entry and choose New Diagram. Visual Studio will prompt you for the tables to be included in the diagram. Highlight all of them, and click Add and Close. The result is a designer window in which the tables are shown as a diagram. You can drag and drop columns from tables to other tables in order to indicate relationships. For example, drag and drop the Id field from Projects to the ProjectID field in the Assignments table. This will bring up a Tables and Columns dialog box, in which you can specify the nature of this relationship, as shown in Figure 6-23. Click OK to create the relationship.
Referencing the Business Object
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