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Raising an Event ..........................................................................................................397 Subscribing to an Event...............................................................................................398
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MarketingCampaign onWorkflowActivated
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Figure 3-1. Top Events section from an ASH report
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Putting all of these pieces together, you get an object that has an interface (a set of properties and methods), some implementation code (the business logic behind those properties and methods), and state (the data). This is illustrated in Figure 1-14.
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<sequence> is the parameter s sequence number. This number should not be 0, because a 0 sequence number corresponds to the return type, and a default return value does not make sense. <const_type> and <value> are the same as for field default value definitions, described in 9. For example: .method public static int32 marshal(int) Diff( [in] int32 marshal(int) First, [opt] int32 marshal(int) Second) { .param [2] = int32(0) ... }
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The Ray contains a starting point (in this case, where the Ray strikes the near clipping plane), as well as a direction. The Ray and terrain are shown in Figure 5-19. The starting point is indicated as point A. The direction of the Ray is the vector between point A and point B. The general idea behind the binary search is quite intuitive. You start with two points, A and B, of which you re sure that the collision point is located between them. Calculate the point between points A and B to find their midpoint, which is indicated by point 1 in Figure 5-19. You check whether this point is above or below the terrain. If this point is above the terrain (such as in the case of the image), you know the collision point is between point 1 and point B.
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.net data matrix library
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There are many great apps that can provide you with endless hours of entertainment on the iPod touch. The iPod touch was released on opening day of the Major League Baseball season, so it is appropriate to highlight an app that was honored as the first App of the Week in the iPod touch App Store. At Bat 2010 for iPod touch is a US $14.99 application that is well worth the entry fee for any baseball fan. It also highlights the iPod touch s capabilities.
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Silverlight is one of the .NET technologies that you can use to build user interfaces and is the topic of 35. You need to upgrade the Silverlight support that comes with Visual Studio 2010 to the latest version, which you do by installing the Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 package, available from this URL:
Figure 6-8. Updating a task to mark it complete
The Problem
The following code shows the declaration of the attribute class, as well as its application on class MyClass. Notice that the constructor declaration lists only a single formal parameter. And yet by using named parameters, you can give the constructor three actual parameters. The two named parameters set the values of fields Ver and Reviewer. public sealed class MyAttributeAttribute : System.Attribute { public string Description; public string Ver; public string Reviewer; public MyAttributeAttribute(string desc) { Description = desc; } } // Three actual parameters [MyAttribute("An excellent class", Reviewer="Amy McArthur", Ver="7.15.33")] class MyClass { ... } // Single formal parameters.
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