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The SHOW_SPACE routine prints detailed space utilization information for database segments. Here is the interface to it: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> desc show_space PROCEDURE show_space Argument Name Type ------------------------------ ----------------------P_SEGNAME VARCHAR2 P_OWNER VARCHAR2 P_TYPE VARCHAR2 P_PARTITION VARCHAR2 The arguments are as follows: P_SEGNAME - Name of the segment the table or index name, for example. P_OWNER - Defaults to the current user, but you can use this routine to look at some other schema. P_TYPE - Defaults to TABLE and represents the type of object you are looking at. For example, select distinct segment_type from dba_segments lists valid segment types. P_PARTITION - Name of the partition when you show the space for a partitioned object. SHOW_SPACE shows space for only a partition at a time.
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The index item on all indexable properties The index item only on property if it is indexable Removes the item from all indices Removes the item only from the index specified by property
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The SetCache2Index code sets the CacheIndex property for the active cell s pivot table to 2. If a pivot table cell is not selected, or if there is no CacheIndex 2, an error message is displayed. Instead of setting the CacheIndex property to a specific number, you can obtain an index number in the code, and use that number as the setting. For example: Sub SetCacheIndex() Dim i As Integer i = Worksheets("StoreTotals").PivotTables(1).CacheIndex On Error GoTo err_Handler ActiveCell.PivotTable.CacheIndex = i Exit Sub err_Handler: MsgBox "Cache index could not be changed" End Sub
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Figure 9-6. This dialog box indicates which type of exception is handled by our FaultHandler activity. Other than this one case, I recommend that you read on and understand the benefits of imperative fault handling it s a little more work but well worth it for the extra value, as you ll see.
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Now that we ve established the role of CLR Integration, its time to look at the specific types of managed database items this new feature supports. CLR Integration provides five different types of managed database items: Managed stored procedures: The classic stored procedure in a managed language. User-defined functions (UDFs): Return single scalar values and are generally called from queries. Table-valued functions (TVFs): Like user-defined functions, but can return a result set. User-defined aggregates (UDAs): Enable you to define your own custom aggregate function that behaves like SUM, AVG, MAX and other built-in functions. User-defined types (UDTs): Enable you to extend the SQL Server type system with your own custom type.
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Although the physical screen size is limited and care must be used when implementing onscreen controls, the multitouch interface has opened new and exciting user interface design opportunities. This is no ordinary touchscreen like on the Nintendo DS. This is a completely revolutionary touchscreen that supports and can track multiple touches simultaneously. This user interface breakthrough expands the creativity in touchscreen gaming and has already manifested a paradigm shift in the way designers approach an iPhone game. The ability of the iPhone touchscreen to detect swipes and pinches gives us new ways of differentiating and responding to user input. For example, instead of using buttons to zoom in and out of a game level, you can allow the user to zoom in and out using a pinch motion. Users can also take a look around a particular level just by swiping their finger across the screen to control the direction the camera will pan.
Dealing with Common Behaviors and Information
OK. A new Timeline will appear, as shown in Figure 2-66, allowing you to create a new storyboard Resource.
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