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How It Works
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When you use an invocation with separate actual parameters for a parameter array, the compiler does the following: It takes the list of actual parameters and uses them to create and initialize an array in the heap. It stores the reference to the array in the formal parameter on the stack. If there are no actual parameters at the position corresponding to the formal parameter array, the compiler creates an array with zero elements and uses that.
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@Resource(name="fooDB") private DataSource aDB;
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mdtModule mdtTypeRef mdtTypeDef mdtFieldDef mdtMethodDef mdtParamDef mdtInterfaceImpl mdtMemberRef mdtCustomAttribute mdtPermission mdtSignature mdtEvent mdtProperty mdtModuleRef
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Follow the process described in the next few subsections to detect enqueue hash chains latch contention. Once you ve identified the root cause, you can look into applying one of the common solutions.
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Finally, you have all the ingredients available to determine the final color. This code puts them all together: float4 waterColor = float4(0,0.2,0.4,1); Output.Color = waterColor*fresnelTerm + reflectiveColor*(1-fresnelTerm) + specular; The relation between the deep blue ocean color and the reflective color is given by the Fresnel term. For almost all the pixels, the combination between these two colors makes up the final color of the pixel. For a pixel with an extremely bright reflective color, the specular value will be significantly larger than 0. This will make the final color a lot brighter, giving very bright specular highlights on the spots of the water corresponding to the sun in the environment.
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The Clone method performs a shallow copy of an array. This means that it only creates a clone of the array itself. If it is a reference type array, it does not copy the objects referenced by the elements. This has different results for value type arrays and reference type arrays. Cloning a value type array results in two independent arrays. Cloning a reference type array results in two arrays pointing at the same objects. The Clone method returns a reference of type object, which must be cast to the array type. int[] intArr1 = { 1, 2, 3 }; Array type Returns an object int[] intArr2 = ( int[] ) intArr1.Clone(); For example, the following code shows an example of cloning a value type array, producing two independent arrays. Figure 14-16 illustrates the steps shown in the code. static void Main() { int[] intArr1 = { 1, 2, 3 }; int[] intArr2 = (int[]) intArr1.Clone(); intArr2[0] = 100; intArr2[1] = 200; intArr2[2] = 300; }
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Unlike the named methods of a delegate, anonymous methods have access to the local variables and environment of the scope surrounding them. Variables from the surrounding scope are called outer variables. An outer variable used in the implementation code of an anonymous method is said to be captured by the method. For example, the code in Figure 15-13 shows variable x defined outside the anonymous method. The code in the method, however, has access to x and can print its value.
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<log4net> <appender name="ConsoleAppender" type="log4net.Appender.ConsoleAppender"> <layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout"> <param name="ConversionPattern" value="Tracer %m%n" /> </layout> </appender> <root> <level value="ERROR" /> <appender-ref ref="ConsoleAppender" /> </root> <logger name="2.Logging"> <level value="ALL" /> </logger> </log4net> </configuration> When adding log4net configuration information to a standard application configuration file, you must define a log4net configuration section. In the preceding example, you define the log4net configuration block using a log4net XML tag. The log4net configuration block typically contains three types of blocks: the appender XML tag, which defines a logging destination; the root XML tag, which defines a default logging functionality; and the logger XML tag, which defines a specific logging configuration. When you call the method GetLogger, the parameter for the method references a configuration defined by the logger XML tag. Going back to the .NET code example, the method parameter references the logging configuration "2.Logging". Looking closer at the appender XML tag, you see an attribute type, which defines the destination of the logged messages. Log4net has various destinations that include e-mails and the Microsoft Windows event log. (I ll define all the destination possibilities shortly.) The appender XML tag can contain the layout XML tag, which you use to control the layout of the logged message. There are various types of layout possibilities, but the simplest is to use the type log4net.Layout.PatternLayout, which uses an escaped string approach. The configuration information doesn t activate logging, and is only responsible for defining what information is logged and how it s logged. Two pieces make logging work: a program that activates log4net by calling the appropriate logging methods, and a configuration file that specifies how the data is logged. Let s go back to the original logging source code. If the "2.Logging" configuration were not specified in the configuration information, then a default configuration would be used. The root XML tag defines the default logging configuration information. If the source code was compiled and the defined configuration file was used, the application would generate the following output when executed: Tracer Hello world
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Figure 17-5 illustrates the duplicate interface methods being implemented by a single class-level method implementation.
Limits of IDisposable::Dispose
by Pete Finnigan
ConcurrentQueue ConcurrentStack ConcurrentDictionary
// Code to implement the -= operator
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