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When performing callbacks, you will often need to cater for multiple listeners, rather than the single listener shown in Listing 10-4. The delegate type uses custom + and operators that let you combine several method references together into a single delegate and invoke them in one go, known as multicasting. Custom operators are discussed in 8. Listing 10-5 contains an example of a multicasting delegate callback. Listing 10-5. Using Delegate Multicasting using System; delegate void NotifyCalculation(int x, int y, int result); class Calculator { NotifyCalculation calcListener; public void AddListener(NotifyCalculation listener) { calcListener += listener; } public void RemoveListener(NotifyCalculation listener) { calcListener -= listener; } public int CalculateProduct(int num1, int num2) { // perform the calculation
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Now we should look how the properly defined selectivity or cost of a function may change the execution of a SQL statement that is invoking that function as part of a predicate. First we will create some additional objects so we can prepare more-complex queries: create table t2 as select * from t1; insert into t2 select * from t2; insert into t2 select * from t2; commit; analyze table t2 compute statistics; create table t3 as select * from t1 where rownum <= 5000; analyze table t3 compute statistics; create index t1_i1 on t1(object_id) compute statistics; create index t2_i1 on t2(object_id) compute statistics; create index t3_i1 on t3(object_id) compute statistics;
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As long as the difference in height between the current point and the terrain below is too large, do the following: 1. Divide the direction of the Ray in half. 2. Add the resulting direction to the current point to obtain the next point. 3. If the next point is also above the terrain, save the next point as the current point. Imagine this as walking over the Ray each step, and before placing your foot, you check whether your foot is not below the terrain. As long as this isn t the case, you continue while halving your step size after each step. Once you ve placed your foot under the terrain, you retract your foot and try putting it half as far, until you end your foot exactly on the position of the terrain that collides with the terrain. In code, this is as follows: private Vector3 BinarySearch(Ray ray) { float accuracy = 0.01f; float heightAtStartingPoint = terrain.GetExactHeightAt(ray.Position.X, -ray.Position.Z); float currentError = ray.Position.Y - heightAtStartingPoint; while (currentError > accuracy) { ray.Direction /= 2.0f; Vector3 nextPoint = ray.Position + ray.Direction; float heightAtNextPoint = terrain.GetExactHeightAt(nextPoint.X, -nextPoint.Z); if (nextPoint.Y > heightAtNextPoint) { ray.Position = nextPoint; currentError = ray.Position.Y - heightAtNextPoint; } } return ray.Position; } You start by calculating the difference in height between the starting point on your Ray and the terrain beneath (or above) that point. The while will loop until this difference is less than your predefined accuracy of 0.01f. If the difference is still larger, you halve the step size and calculate the next point on the Ray. If this next point is above the terrain, you step to that point and calculate the height difference at that point. If it isn t, do nothing so that the next time the step size is halved again. After quitting the while loop, ray.Position will contain a position on the Ray where the height difference with the terrain is less than 0.01f.
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// At the end of the game, point totals are adjusted according to // the following scheme: all players lose the point total of any // unplayed tiles; if a player plays all her tiles, she // receives the point totals of all unplayed tiles. void AdjustPointTotals() { int total_point_bonus = 0; for (int i=0; i < nPlayer; i++) { if (players[i]->TileCount > 0) { Console::WriteLine("{0} remaining tiles and score adjustments: ", players[i]->Name); int point_deduction = 0; for each (Tile^ t in players[i]->tiles) { Console::Write(" {0} -{1} ", t->LetterValue, t->PointValue); point_deduction += t->PointValue; } Console::WriteLine(); players[i]->Score -= point_deduction; total_point_bonus += point_deduction; } } if (endBonus) { Console::WriteLine("{0}'s bonus for using the last tile is {1}.", players[playerNum]->Name, total_point_bonus); players[playerNum]->Score += total_point_bonus; } } // Find out which player won. int FindWinner() { if (! gameOver) { return -1; } int leadingPlayer = 0; for (int i = 1; i < nPlayer; i++) { if (players[i]->Score > players[leadingPlayer]->Score) { leadingPlayer = i; } }
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Verify that the Account is set to ON. Verify that your email Address is correct in the POP Account Information section. Verify that the information in the Host Name, User Name, and Password fields is all correct.
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static_cast is used in the usual way. It is commonly used to convert a pointer to a base class to a pointer to a derived class. When used in this context, there is no runtime check to verify that the object really is of the derived class. This means that it s possibly unsafe, but often faster. If the object is not of the derived class, your code has a potentially serious error that will not be checked at runtime. One potential problem with static_cast is that the code that is generated can t always be verified to be safe. Compiler checking for unsafe code can be enabled by using a particular compiler option (/clr:safe), so depending on the specific cast, static_cast may or may not be allowed when using the /clr:safe compiler option. Verifiably safe code has many uses, for example, running in restrictive environments such as a web browser. You ll probably want to use constructs, like safe_cast, that can be verified to be safe whenever possible, even if you don t specifically intend to use /clr:safe.
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The file we re going to start working with is AssocForm.aspx; go ahead and open it in Code view. Take 30 seconds and scroll through the contents of the template. It s all pretty standard ASP.NET nothing to be worried about. There are three places within this template where we need to add some code. I ve conveniently labeled them Step 1 through Step 3 so we can stay on track. Step 1 is located near the top of the file. Delete the placeholder text, Step 1: Assembly Strong Name, from the Name attribute and paste in its place the fully qualified strong name for your assembly. This is why we compiled before doing anything else the strong name is available to us. If you need help determining the strong name, see the sidebar What s in a (Strong) Name in 6.
Windows Workflow provides the following functionality out of the box: A visual method of constructing your applications similar to our flowchart in Figure 6-1. This visual approach is more intuitive, can be easier to debug , is easier to unit test with changes in this release (a controversial idea, but discussed in the following sections), and can be understood by non-technical users. Of course developing an application entirely in code has its advantages as well it is generally easier to test, and developers won t have to learn new ways of writing applications. More efficient use of server resources. Non-active workflows sleep and are rehydrated when needed. Coordination and synchronization. Workflows that make calls to external services may take weeks to receive a reply. By using correlation, we can ensure returned calls are automatically directed to the correct instance of a work flow that can then wake up and resume its work Workflow state can be persisted even during system down time and resumed automatically. Ability to host the workflow designer within your applications for customization and configuration by end users. Rich debugging and monitoring support. A common framework for workflow development on the Windows platform. WF is already utilized in flagship products such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Dynamics (note these use WF3 at time of writing). You can even host your workflows in Microsofts cloud computing platform Windows Azure (at the time of writing this is not available, but should be in the future). WF can assist you with versioning and updating issues (although for the forseeable future this is never going to be that easy).
Figure 5-11. Start certmgr.msc Windows snap-in certificate management tool Figure 5-12 shows the results after the certificate has been installed successfully. Follow the arrow to get the detailed information of the Thumbprint and copy the data to the <behavior> section of the Service project configuration file App.config as shown in the boldface lines in Listing 5-12.
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