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Configuring the Send Port
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Private WithEvents mProject As Project Public Sub New(ByVal project As Project) InitializeComponent() mProject = project mProject.BeginEdit() Me.RoleListBindingSource.DataSource = RoleList.GetList Me.ProjectBindingSource.DataSource = mProject ApplyAuthorizationRules() End Sub First though, it stores the object reference in an instance field for later use. It also calls the business object s BeginEdit() method, thus invoking the n-level undo capability discussed in 3. This method call tells the object to take a snapshot of its current state, so the object can be restored to this exact state later if the user clicks the Cancel or Close button without saving the data first. With that done, data binding is initialized: Me.RoleListBindingSource.DataSource = RoleList.GetList Me.ProjectBindingSource.DataSource = mProject The DataSource property of RoleListBindingSource is set to a RoleList object. If this is the first time GetList() has been called, this will incur a call to the database; otherwise, the collection is returned from the cache implemented in 8. The DataSource property of projectBindingList is set to the Project object passed into the constructor as a parameter. By accepting this object as a parameter, ProjectEdit can be used to add new objects, or edit or view existing objects. It isn t concerned with where the object came from, just that it is a Project object that is to be displayed or edited. This technique increases the reusability of the ProjectEdit user control. Notice that the DataSource of ResourcesBindingSource is not explicitly set. This is because the Windows Forms designer understands the relationship between the Project object and its Resources property, and sets up the binding automatically. The last line of code in the constructor calls ApplyAuthorizationRules(), which is responsible for applying all authorization rules to the controls on the form.
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8. Click OK.
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Custom Attributes
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Figure 6-7. ScriptManager design-time user interface
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Attaches the class specified in className to the CheckBox. It must be a valid, defined CSS class available to the host page. Passes focus to the CheckBox. If the CheckBox is off the page, scrolls the page until it is in view. Unattaches the CSS class specified in className. If the CSS className is currently attached, unattaches it; otherwise, attaches it.
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Note Get more information on how to add additional custom options for the Build
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If the defined type is nested in another type, its TypeDef record is referenced in another lookup table: the NestedClass metadata table. (For more information about nesting, see Nested Types later in this chapter.) Like the InterfaceImpl table, the NestedClass table is a lookup table, and records of which describe some links between other tables. Being a lookup table, the NestedClass table has only two entries per record: NestedClass (RID in the TypeDef table). An index of the nested type (the nestee). EnclosingClass (RID in the TypeDef table). An index of the type in which the current type is nested (the encloser, or nester). Since types of both entries are RIDs in the TypeDef table, the nested type and its encloser cannot be defined in different modules or assemblies.
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