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Notice how all the other items bound to this movie were updated. The other bound items were updated in the example when the focus changed to another control. But you don t even need to change the item s focus because Silverlight will update other bound properties automatically after about 20 seconds.
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Parsing Strings to Data Values
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Like other settings, the Contacts options are accessible via the Settings icon. Touch the Settings icon, scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and touch the tab. Scroll down and you ll see Contacts with two options underneath. To change the sort order, touch the Sort Order tab and select whether you want your contacts sorted by first name or last name.
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For example, Figure 3-3 shows some of the data members and function members of type XYZ. It contains two data members and two function members.
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// upcast the objet to the base type BaseProduct upcastObject = derivedObject; // print out the field values Console.WriteLine("Derived Field: {0}", derivedObject.myField); Console.WriteLine("Base Field: {0}", upcastObject.myField); // wait for input before exiting System.Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); System.Console.ReadLine(); } } The derived class in this example hides a field from the base class. Both fields are initialized with default values. The Main method in the Listing_17 class creates a DerivedProduct object and upcasts it to the base type by assigning it to a BaseProduct local variable. The results of reading the myField value are printed to the console. The results of compiling and running the code in Listing 7-17 are as follows: Derived Field: Derived Value Base Field: Base Value Press enter to finish You can see that upcasting an object has the effect of unhiding the field in the base class. When hiding fields, you must be confident of how objects created from your class are going to be treated, since upcasting changes the way that they behave.
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You can put the asmx file discussed here into almost any ASP.NET website. There s nothing special about web service projects or sites, so it is technically possible to even host the data portal web service through a website like PTWeb from 10 if you want. However, most people prefer to keep the data portal physically separate from their UI code.
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Generic Collections
Serializing and Stacking the Hashtable
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