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There are six steps involved in building a message-oriented Web service, as described in the following sections.
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You will be looking at AJAX from a high level in this book and delving more deeply into how Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX will allow you to quickly and easily build AJAX-enabled applications.
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The HLSL Code
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Distributing Networking Games
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Figure 3-5. The _IsEdible class
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Within Same Assembly
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Developers seem to either love or hate MVC. Both MVC and ASP.NET have a number of advantages for different scenarios. Learn when each is appropriate.
As I discussed earlier, rules are described by use of a URI. A rule URI looks like this: rule://ruleClass/ruleMethod/targetProperty arg1=value&arg2=value The RuleDescription class understands how to parse a rule:// URI for easier use. Rather than manually writing code to parse the URI or using the more generic System.Uri class, you can use the RuleDescription class to easily get at the parts of the URI. Dim desc As New Csla.Validation.RuleDescription( _ "rule://typeName/methodName/propertyName arg1=value&arg2=value") Dim scheme = desc.Scheme Dim methodTypeName = desc.MethodTypeName Dim methodName = desc.MethodName Dim propertyName = desc.PropertyName Dim args As New List(Of String)() For Each item In desc.Arguments args.Add(item.Key & ", " & item.Value) Next
tasks[i] = Task<long>.Factory.StartNew((stateObject) => DoSomeWork((int)stateObject), maxValues[i]);
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