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What is Too Much Variation
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Make sure you test your application on a device, and on something besides the top-of-the-line device, to understand the responsiveness of your interface. Although extremely useful, the iPhone simulator included with Xcode will fool you into thinking that your iPhone is as fast as the 8-core Mac Pro you do your development on. At the time of this writing, the top-end iPhone is the 3GS, which is significantly faster and has much more memory than the previousgenerations of iPhone and iPod Touch. The 3GS effectively runs circles around its siblings, and if it s your only development device, you run the risk of creating an application that has serious problems with responsiveness for owners of older hardware. By applying all of the concepts we have discussed here related to flow, we managed to create an application interface that users have almost universally found intuitive. Our attempts to give the users hints and provide them with controls and metaphors make Postage feel very natural to use. By carefully devising the flow through the application and guiding the user through the major tasks of creating a postcard, we made sure that a user didn t have to wonder what to do next. As often as possible, we tried to visually show the user what to do or what would happen rather than explaining with instructive text. We were careful to be consistent with how the user navigates through each step of the application and created a top to bottom flow with navigation steps at the top and controls that manipulate the user s content at the bottom. The result was an application that doesn t require prior instruction or explanation for use and a very happy population of customers that rarely ask for support or have difficulties achieving their tasks.
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As for all post-processing effects, you need to bind the texture sampler stage to the image containing your scene. The glow effect also expects you to store the original image inside the originalImage variable. float xTime; float xBlurSize = 0.5f; texture textureToSampleFrom; sampler textureSampler = sampler_state { texture = <textureToSampleFrom>; magfilter = LINEAR; minfilter = LINEAR; mipfilter = LINEAR; };
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I had a dilemma while writing this chapter: whether to tell you now the whole problem or to leak it to you as the chapter evolves. So I decided the best option is to give you an overview of the complete picture at this stage and cover the details as I progress through the rest of the chapter. The problem with data is that it is not static. Data moves from users through applications, web servers, application servers, database tiers, and out again to backup tapes, other databases, reports, feeds, and many other processes and actions. In simple terms, data can be said to flow throughout a
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A number of existing important APIs are now marked as deprecated. A full list is available at the following: (Types) (Members)
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More About SimpleProgram
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Scalability and fault tolerance are easily achieved by implementing a web farm. Scalability and fault tolerance are easily achieved by implementing a web farm. A lot of state data or very complex data can be easily stored.
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Figure 8-7. The layout of the main view
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myCar.CarOwner = "Jane Doe";
Setting Up the Map
Iteration variable declaration from Type Item in Items The following code shows a query expression used to query an array of four ints. Iteration variable item will represent each of the four elements in the array and will be either selected or rejected by the where and select clauses following it. This code leaves out the optional type (int) of the iteration variable. int[] arr1 = {10, 11, 12, 13}; Iteration variable var query = from item in arr1 where item < 13 select item; foreach( var item in query ) Console.Write("{0}, ", item ); This code produces the following output: 10, 11, 12,
Listing 7-1. Cutting Holes in the Background Using an Alpha Mask
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