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and three events: OnDocumentSubmitted: This event occurs when the workflow is initiated. The handler for this event will need to determine who needs to approve the document and notify them in some way that there is a document awaiting their review. OnDocumentRejected: This event occurs when the reviewer rejects the document. The handler for this event will need to notify the author that their document was not approved. OnDocumentApproved: This event occurs when a user approves the document. The event handler for this event will need to perform any finalization tasks for the workflow.
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lastKeybState = keybState; base.Update(gameTime); } This MenuInput method passes user input to the currently active menu and receives the menu that is active after the user input has been processed: private void MenuInput(KeyboardState currentKeybState) { MenuWindow newActive = activeMenu.ProcessInput(lastKeybState, currentKeybState); if (newActive == startGameEasy) { //set level to easy menusRunning = false; } else if (newActive == startGameNormal) { //set level to normal menusRunning = false; } else if (newActive == startGameHard) { //set level to hard menusRunning = false; } else if (newActive == null) this.Exit(); else if (newActive != activeMenu) newActive.WakeUp(); activeMenu = newActive; }
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Touch a tweet to bring it to the main screen. In addition to the tweet being nice and large, you can touch on a link within the tweet to launch the web view. If you want to view the link in Safari, just touch
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The mscorlib Library...........................................................................................................................273
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12. Now let s create a new class called Orange. Follow the preceding steps to create the Orange
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.method public hidebysig newslot virtual instance void EndInvoke(class [mscorlib]System.IAsyncResult res ) runtime managed { } }
import java.util.*; public class DisplayNames { public static void main(String args[]) { Calendar now = Calendar.getInstance(); Locale locale = Locale.getDefault(); // Locale locale = Locale.ITALIAN; Map<String, Integer> names = now.getDisplayNames( Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK, Calendar.LONG, locale);
To address this situation, when the operand is a signed integer, if the leftmost bit of the operand is a 1 (indicating a negative number), bit positions opening up on the left are filled with 1s rather than 0s. This maintains the correct two s-complement representation. For positive or unsigned numbers, bit positions opening up on the left are filled with 0s. Figure 8-7 shows how the expression 14 << 3 would be evaluated in a byte. This operation causes the following: Each of the bits in the operand (14) is shifted three places to the left. The three bit positions vacated on the right end are filled with 0s. The resulting value is 112.
As you can see, there are many index types to choose from. In the following sections, I ll present some technical details on how each one works and when it should be used. I would like to stress again that we will not cover certain DBA-related topics. For example, we will not discuss the mechanics of an online rebuild; rather, we will concentrate on practical application-related details.
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