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TIP: If you are using your headset microphone for Voice Control, just let the microphone dangle from your ear normally don t pick it up and hold it closer to your mouth. Holding the microphone too close will distort your voice and Voice Control will not understand you correctly.
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Note Remember to use the ref keyword in both the method declaration and the invocation.
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Note In this case, your vertex shader will calculate the binormal vector by taking a cross product between the normal and tangent vectors. Therefore, your vertices need to store only the normal and tangent vectors. You can also code a custom Model processor that calculates the binormal for each vertex and stores it inside the vertices. Simply use the MeshHelper.CalculateTangentFrames to do the heavy work for you. As a benefit, your graphics card no longer needs to calculate this vector for each frame.
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and filling with rectangles at the same time. If you indicate a corner radius greater than zero, your rectangle will be drawn as a frame.
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