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Access DataMatrix in Objective-C DATA ENCRYPTION

Taking a Snapshot of the Data
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XML Basics
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ServiceDefinition.csdef is responsible for Describing your application's requirements Defining configurable settings that your application will use (the actual values are defined in ServiceConfiguration.cscfg) Configuration settings applicable to all instances of your application
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The structure of rectangular and jagged arrays is significantly different. For example, Figure 14-14 shows the structure of a rectangular three-by-three array, and a jagged array of three one-dimensional arrays of length 3. Both arrays hold nine integers, but as you can see, their structures are quite different. The rectangular array has a single array object, while the jagged array has four array objects.
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f a microcontroller needs to communicate wirelessly with other devices such as PCs, PDAs, other microcontrollers, or sensors, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and, more recently, ZigBee are the four main technologies you can use to facilitate that communication. The most suitable of these technologies to use depends on your application, as all technologies were conceived for a certain purpose and are optimized for that. In the previous chapter, you learned how to program networking applications. You can use this know-how to also work with wireless LAN communications. This chapter will show you how you can add wireless functionality to your .NET Micro Framework hardware with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) modules. At the end of the chapter, I will compare these technologies to help you decide which technology best fits your application.
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Figure 6-17. Finding and adding the XML file After a moment or two, you ll have a brand-new schema in the Schema Editor, as shown in Figure 6-18, just waiting to be put to good use.
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Why did Microsoft create two Math classes If you look carefully at the sine and cosine functions, you recognize that the method signatures are different from the methods in the full .NET Framework. In the full .NET Framework, the sine and cosine methods expect a radian angle as a floating point number and return a double value between 1 and 1. On the other hand, the .NET Micro Framework versions of the sine and cosine functions expect an integer angle in degrees and return an integer value between 1000 and 1000. Random numbers are generated not by the System.Math class in the full .NET Framework but by a separate System.Random class with extended functionality. In the .NET Micro Framework, only two methods are available: Randomize for initializing the random number generator and Random for generating the random numbers. The Random method returns a random integer value. The generated number is greater or equal to zero and less than the modulo value.
The Boolean Type
This implementation does the following: If the end tag </high-scores> is found, that means you are finished processing everything. In that case, you change the title of the rootViewController to View High Scores (during processing, it reads Getting High Scores ... ) and turn off the network activity indicator. If the end tag </high-score> (again note this is the singular noun) is found, you add the newScore dictionary to the highScores array and notify the rootViewController to update the display of the table view. If the end tag </score> or </full-name> is found, you take the values of currentKey and currentStringValue, and store them in the newScore dictionary. Along with the messages implemented in the preceding code, there are also notification messages for parsing errors because of invalid data, for parsing DTD declarations internal to
Figure 3-23. The calculated item s formula is modified for one cell.
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