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The Sequence and Parallel activities allow you to set how child activities are executed. Both activities are containers for other activities. In fact, the Parallel activity contains two Sequence activities by default. A Sequence activity is the only type of activity that can be placed inside a Parallel activity. However, any type of activity can be placed inside a Sequence activity. The Sequence activity completes when the last child activity completes. With the Parallel activity, you can perform two or more activities independent of one another. The Parallel activity also waits for all activities to complete before completing. The Sequential and State Machine workflow examples for the Sequence and Parallel activities are the same in VB and C#. Only minor code changes are necessary, so only the VB examples will be shown here.
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3. Right-click SetMyColor and click Refactor
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NAME CTIME ------------------------------ --------OUTLN 15-OCT-07 DIP 15-OCT-07 TSMSYS 15-OCT-07 ORACLE_OCM 15-OCT-07 XDB 15-OCT-07 WMSYS 15-OCT-07 EXFSYS 15-OCT-07 XS$NULL 15-OCT-07 BILL 05-MAR-08 A 23-JUL-08 B 23-JUL-08 RES_TEST 25-JUL-08 AMIS 04-AUG-09 XMLT 04-AUG-09 PETE2 12-MAY-09 P1 17-SEP-08 {output removed to conserve space}
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To show you how to quickly use VSM, we are going to make a simple sample application and create a StateGroup with States. Let s get to it!
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creates a new alias for the BillingSystem.Product type called BillingProduct. You can then create new instances of BillingProduct, and the C# system knows to translate that back to BillingSystem.Product. I have created two aliases in Listing 11-14, one for each of the types called Product. I could have just created one alias to avoid the name conflict, but it is good practice to alias all of the conflicting types so you don t inadvertently use the original name.
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