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Now that you ve built all the ASP.NET pages, you need to build the workflow. Create a new State Machine Workflow Library called EPRWorkflow, and place the project within a folder called EPRWorkflow inside the VBEmployeePerformanceReview folder. When the project opens, rename the workflow from Workflow1 to EPR by right-clicking and choosing Rename within the Solution Explorer. Following are the highlights of the first state again: 1. Employee sends a self-review to the supervisor 2. System finds the supervisor for the employee 3. System changes the current approver of the review to be the supervisor 4. System generates an e-mail notification to the supervisor 5. State is changed to Supervisor Review Remember the nature of a State Machine workflow is that the workflow is waiting for events to happen. The first State activity (Initial State) must wait for an event to occur. In this case, the event is called EmployeeToSupervisor. Remember that in the business process, the review could potentially go between the employee and the supervisor several times. The supervisor could ask for changes, or make changes that the employee is to review. Therefore, this state and event may be used multiple times. Previous chapters have covered the use of the HandleExternalEvent activity. This is the activity that s used to listen for the external event EmployeeToSupervisor and to perform the necessary actions. Click the Initial State activity that s created by default within the workflow. Change the name of the state to ReviewToSupervisor and change the description to Send review to the supervisor. Also, while on the Properties page, click the Set as Initial State link at the bottom of the Properties page. This sets this State activity as the initial state. Add an EventDriven activity to the ReviewToSupervisor activity. Change the name of this EventDriven activity to EmployeeToSupervisor and change the description to Employee sends to supervisor. Double-click the EmployeeToSupervisor activity and add a HandleExternalEvent activity to the EmployeeToSupervisor activity. Change the name of this activity to HandleToSupervisor and the description to Handle the ToSupervisor event. At the moment, don t worry about the event type or interface type; you re just going to lay out the various states. However, you ll create a sub that will be executed when the EmployeeToSupervisor event is encountered. Before that occurs, you ll set up the connection string that the workflow will use to communicate with the database. Because this workflow is going to be specific to this application, you ll add an app.config file to the workflow and add the database connection string to that. Click the My Project folder within the Solution Explorer and click the Settings tab. You ll see a message that there s no default configuration file for this project; you need to click the link if you want to create it. Click the link to create the new configuration file. From the drop-down under the Type column, choose (ConnectionString) and change the name to ConnString, as shown in Figure 10-4.
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Figure 5-7. Structure that could benefit from using indices The eight triangles shown in Figure 5-7 would require 8*3 = 24 vertices to be rendered using a TriangleList. However, you can clearly see this structure contains only nine unique vertices, so the remaining fifteen vertices would be a waste of memory, bandwidth, and vertex processing power on your graphics card.
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While you can download images and media file by file, sometimes an application requires a collection of related images or other media before it can start. One example of this is a game that might need a number of images to display scenes, characters, and the background. You can package these resources into a single ZIP archive at design time, deploy it to the hosting server, and download it at run time. After downloading the ZIP file, using the WebClient class, you can save its stream using the StreamResourceInfo class. Use Application.GetResourceStream to stream the package. You can use this approach to store references to other media files (video/audio) and even any arbitrary data you might need to download on demand. Visit the WebClient class section of the next chapter, which demonstrates these features by enhancing the image viewer application that will download the ZIP package of the images and display the downloaded image.
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x$bh externalizes buffer headers. The tch column indicates the touch count of a given buffer. If a buffer is accessed frequently, that buffer will have a higher touch count.
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Writing Algorithms
In recent years, Hulu has grown to become a leading source of video streaming of content delivered wirelessly to computers and other set-top boxes for your TV.
Example of Searching Down the Call Stack
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Now we need to be able to save the snapshot. Erase the default code in the SaveImage EventHandler and let s start doing that.
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