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These are the most intuitive addressing headers because they work in a similar fashion to e-mail message addresses, which provide a set of headers including From, To, and ReplyTo. Of course, SOAP message information headers include additional entries that are SOAP-specific and have no relation to e-mail. For example, the Action header stores the XML qualified name of the operation that the SOAP message is intended for. Table 8-1 provides a summary of the available message headers, including their XML representations. Table 8-1. XML Elements for Message Information Headers
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By the time the tutorial was finished, the App Store had been open for a week, and I was in a state of panic as I watched the list of games for the iPhone grow from a little over a hundred games to over two hundred. I felt like I was going to miss my opportunity to make some money off all my hard work. Everything was finished except for final testing. Rushing through the testing at this point could ve been fatal, so despite my anxiety, I took a day or so to give the game a complete run-through. Good thing I did, as a couple new bugs were found! Nearly a week and a half after the App Store opened, I finally submitted TanZen to Apple. The process went off without a hitch. I then waited and slept. The relief of finally being finished was replaced with nervousness. Would Apple reject the game Was it good enough to be in the App Store You have to remember that this was long before everyone realized that Apple lets nearly everything into the store. I was completely under the impression that Apple would judge the game based on some sort of quality standard. Eight days later, I was sitting at work when the e-mail arrived to say that my application was ready for sale! I sprinted over to the office of the coworker who had helped me with TanZen before. Without comment, I revealed the e-mail to him. I think he might ve been almost as excited as I was. I called Lindi, and she started screaming in excitement. It was a good day.
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Finally, you also create the BoundingBox corresponding to this cube. The constructor of a BoundingBox takes two points, which are positioned diagonally to each other. For a cube with side length 10, you could specify the points (-5,-5,-5) and (5,5,5) if the center of the cube is the
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Instance Instance Instance Static Static Static Instance
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We are all set to hit F5 and run the project. Drop some photos, change the UI culture from CultureList ComboBox, and see that all of the UI control s string changes to the currently selected culture. You can also click the image and see a larger preview in ImageWindow, where our currently selected culture is applied. See Figure 7-17, which shows snapshots of the application in the French and Hebrew languages. Notice the right-to-left direction of the UI and text for the Hebrew language.
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It is worth mentioning the client profile (a cut-down version of the full .NET Framework) aimed at reducing application size and installation time is also used for WPF applications. For more information about the client profile, please refer to 4.
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Application and Context
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5. In the Common Properties bucket of the Properties panel, locate the Text property and click
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