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StringBuilder myBuilder = new StringBuilder("Introduction to");
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Normal MouseOver Disabled Unfocused Focused AfterLoaded BeforeLoaded BeforUnloaded SelectedUnfocused Unselected Selected
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4. The first thing to do is to add the Drop event. Open MainPage.xaml.cs and under the
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Figure 5-27. The vertex format describes which data can be found where in the data stream.
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Private mRules As Dictionary(Of String, RolesForProperty) Private ReadOnly Property Rules() _ As Dictionary(Of String, RolesForProperty) Get If mRules Is Nothing Then mRules = New Dictionary(Of String, RolesForProperty) End If Return mRules End Get End Property Each entry in the dictionary is indexed by the property name and contains a RolesForProperty object to manage the list of allowed and denied roles for the property.
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Variable argument lists are necessary whenever a function needs to handle an unknown number of optional parameters, such as an I/O function that will be passed an unknown number of variables. An array is used for these parameters, and a special syntax is used for such functions, as in Listing 5-33. Listing 5-33. Using Parameter Arrays // param_array.cpp using namespace System;
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The implementation classes whose name ends in Managed are written using one of the .NET languages, whereas the classes whose name ends in CryptoServiceProvider rely on the native Windows implementations. If you don t know which algorithm you need, then I recommend you use AES. All of the algorithm implementation classes are instantiated using the default constructor, and it is usual to upcast the object to the SymmetricAlgorithm type, like this:
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Figure 13-23. The mapped activity stages 6. Save your new profile as ch13.btt in the c:\acme directory. 7. On the menu bar, click Tools Apply Tracking Profile. And that s it your process is now being monitored! 8. Drop some sample order.xml files into the appropriate application folders, as you did in 11. Now that you have sent some messages through the approved, denied, and minor approved processes, you can take a look at the monitored results.
This process of checking a flag word for a particular bit or set of bits is such a common task that C# 4.0 introduced a new instance method to the enum type to do the process for you. The method is called HasFlag. You use it on an instance of a flag word and pass it the bit flag you want to check for. For example, the previous check for useFancyNumbers can be significantly shortened and simplified to the following statement: UseFancyNumbers = ops.HasFlag(CardDeckSettings.FancyNumbers); Flag word Bit flag The HasFlag method can also check for multiple bit flags. For example, the following code checks whether the flag word, ops, has both the Animation and FancyNumbers bits set. The code does the following: The first statement creates a test word instance, called testFlags, with the Animation and FancyNumbers bits set. It then passes testFlags as the parameter to the HasFlags method. HasFlags checks whether all the flags that are set in the test word are also set in the flag word, ops. If they are, then HasFlag returns true. Otherwise, it returns false.
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