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The SoapReceiver class is abstract and must be implemented in a custom class that is assigned to receive the corresponding response for a message request. In a sense, this custom SOAP receiver class acts like a callback function, in that it is called when a response is ready. But unlike a traditional callback function, the custom SOAP receiver class is decoupled from the request. There are three steps to implementing a custom SOAP receiver class: 1. 2. Create a custom class that implements the SoapReceiver abstract class. Override the Receive method with a custom implementation for processing the incoming response message. Register the custom receiver class so that the messaging framework knows it is the handler for the incoming response message.
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By setting this property to True, the UI developer has indicated that the ReadWriteAuthorization control should automatically set this control s ReadOnly property to true if the user isn t authorized to edit the Name property. If the user isn t even authorized to read the property value, the ReadWriteAuthorization control will prevent the value from being displayed at all. I ll discuss the code used to trigger the authorization behaviors later, but as you ll see, the ReadWriteAuthorization control radically simplifies the process of creating the UI.
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Presentation UI Business Data Access Data Storage
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GPIO output port VCC+
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EditableRootListBase<C> CommandBase
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break or return statement. In C#, there is no falling through from one switch section to the next.
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Enterprise Services
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Associating Rules with Properties
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Visual Studio .NET 2005 compiles markup. Consider this line of code in an aspx file, a simple TextBox declaration, but we have forgotten a closing tag: <asp:TextBox ID=txtFirstName Text='Bob' runat=server> Compiling produces the errors shown in Figure 3-9, pulled from the Error List window.
WS-Security SOAP Header Element
CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
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