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Reading and Writing Binary Data
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What Are Structs Structs Are Value Types Assigning to a Struct Constructors and Destructors Field Initializers Are Not Allowed Structs Are Sealed Boxing and Unboxing Structs As Return Values and Parameters Additional Information About Structs
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Figure 1-8. A MessageBox now appears when you click the Button.
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Learning from Your Mistakes and Experiences
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an index range scan when a large number of blocks need to be read from disk for both access paths. The OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ parameter indicates the percentage of the index access cost to retain, and it is not a magic parameter that may be adjusted without considering potential problems. A higher buffer cache hit ratio does not necessarily indicate better performance it may actually be a sign of lessefficient plans. Finally, the first two performance-monitoring and optimization methods do not appear to be terribly reliable, or at the least do not offer repeatable improvements.
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Tip Don t change the code that has been generated by Visual Studio to create the data model. You can regenerate the database to reflect schema changes, and when this happens, your changes will be lost.
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Table 3-3 lists properties of UIElement.
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Creating Playlists on the iPod touch
Figure 7-16. Our ASPX initiation form That s it. Functionally, everything else about our ASPX forms is the same as InfoPath forms. As I said at the beginning, the real difference is the implementation mechanism. To my mind, ASPX forms are a lot more work, but if they re all you have available, at least know that you re not missing out on any important functionality.
TCPListener Support for NAT Transversal
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