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Bitwise OR
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7 Use Policy Frameworks to Enforce Web Service Requirements with WS-Policy . . . . . . 159
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Using the Policy Activity
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Explicit Interface Implementation
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Figure 5-40. With the playhead at one second, rotate the right-most UserControl back to its default position.
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Figure 6-19. Design of the Projects table
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As the warning message suggests, you could place the field in the Row Labels or Report Filter area of the pivot table instead of the Column Labels area. If you place the field in the Row Labels area, you may be able to group the items to create fewer items than the 16,384 limit, and then move the grouped field to the Column Labels area.
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Do the same to link the Resources table to Assignments. You can also link the Roles table s Id column to the Role column in Assignments, thereby allowing the database to ensure that only valid roles can be added to the table. The resulting diagram should appear in a way that s similar to Figure 6-24. Save the diagram to the database, naming it PTrackerRelationships. VS .NET will then ask whether to update the tables. Remember that these relationships are reflected as formal constraints within the database itself, so this diagram directly impacts the database design.
Three other types of nodes used in the previous examples are XComment, XDeclaration, and XProcessingInstruction. They re described in the following sections.
The last event we have to handle is the Button press. Double-click the Button control on the design surface, and a new handler will be added to the code-behind file for the Click event. Listing 33-3 shows the code that must be added to complete this method. Listing 33-3. Handling the Button Click Event private void convertButton Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // extract the values from the controls int minutesCompleted = int.Parse(minutesTextBox.Text); int lapsCompleted = int.Parse(lapsTextBox.Text); int lapLength = int.Parse(lengthTextBox.Text); int caloriesPerHour = int.Parse(caloriesTextBox.Text); // ensure that we have values that are greater than zero if (minutesCompleted <= 0 || lapsCompleted <= 0 || lapLength <= 0 || caloriesPerHour <= 0) {
Name Begin value End value % Diff ------------------------------ ---------------- ---------------- ------library cache 44,448,832 44,463,992 0.03 messages 2,080,000 2,080,000 0.00 miscellaneous 40,601,264 38,964,144 -4.03 parameters 188,648 188,648 0.00 partitioning d 228,600 228,600 0.00 pl/sql source 3,288 3,288 0.00 processes 13,760,000 13,760,000 0.00 qmps connections 4,842,200 4,842,200 0.00
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