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Probably one of the most interesting features in WPF 4.0 is multitouch functionality. Multitouch allows your application to work with touch input and gestures (e.g., you can spin an image around by rotating your hand). Multitouch support is Windows 7 only and is enabled by setting the IsManipulationEnabled property on an element to true and then handling the various events that the APIs expose. It's worth noting that multitouch functionality is compatible with Surface SDK 2.0 (the world s most expensive but cool table). ContentElement, UIElement, and UIElement3D elements support the following events: PreviewTouchDown TouchDown PreviewTouchMove TouchMove
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Assigning a Project to a Resource
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Predefined Types
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Shimmering Effect for Background Animation: An Example
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Tip My characterization of the Role value is based on the use cases assembled earlier. If you intuitively feel that this is overly simplistic or unrealistic, then you should revisit the use cases and your users to make sure that you haven t missed something. For the purposes of this book, I ll assume that the use cases are accurate and that the Role field really is a simple name/value pair.
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This was more a quick proof of concept than a very polished game. I put it up on my site, along with the FLA file, the Flash source file that contains both the code and graphics for anyone to play around with. A couple of years later, someone grabbed the source code and graphics for this game and created a Facebook game called Tangerine Panic. They changed the spiky balls into orange circles, added some music, and gave the stick figure some commentary. They also have the stick man following the mouse rather than being controlled by the cursor keys. Figure 8-2 shows a shot of Tangerine Panic.
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Multiplication operator Division operator Modulus operator
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A method is a named block of executable code that can be executed from many different parts of the program, and even from other programs. (There are also anonymous methods, which aren t named but I ll cover those in 15.) When a method is called, or invoked, it executes its code, and then returns to the code that called it. Some methods return a value to the position from which they were called. Methods correspond to member functions in C++. The minimum syntax for declaring a method includes the following components: Return type: This states the type of value the method returns. If a method does not return a value, the return type is specified as void. Name: This is the name of the method. Parameter list: This consists of at least an empty set of matching parentheses. If there are parameters (which I ll cover in the next chapter), they are listed between the parentheses. Method body: This consists of a matching set of curly braces, containing the executable code. For example, the following code declares a class with a simple method called PrintNums. From the declaration, you can tell the following about PrintNums: It returns no value; hence, the return type is specified as void. It has an empty parameter list. It contains two lines of code in its method body. class SimpleClass { Return type Parameter list void PrintNums ( ) { Console.WriteLine("1"); Console.WriteLine("2"); } }
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BusinessBase(Of T) BusinessListBase(Of T, C) CommandBase
Generic types are a feature introduced in .NET 2.0. A generic type is a template that defines a set of behaviors, but the specific data type is specified when the type is used rather than when it is created. Perhaps an example will help. Consider the ArrayList collection type. It provides powerful list behaviors, but it stores all its items as type Object. Although you can wrap an ArrayList with a strongly typed class or create your own collection type in many different ways, the items in the list are always stored in memory as type Object. The new List(Of T) collection type has the same behaviors as ArrayList, but it is strongly typed all the way to its core. The type of the indexer, enumerator, Remove(), and other methods are all defined by the generic type parameter, T. Even better, the items in the list are stored in memory as type T, not type Object. So what is T It is the type provided when the List(Of T) is created: Dim myList As List(Of Integer) = New List(Of Integer) In this case, T is Integer, meaning that myList is a strongly typed list of Integer values. The public properties and methods of myList are all of type Integer, and the values it contains are stored internally as Integer values. Not only do generic types offer type safety because of their strongly typed nature, but they typically offer substantial performance benefits because they avoid storing values as type Object.
[run time] The record count of the table must be at least 1. The record count of the table must be exactly 1. This is not checked at run time because the loader uses the first Module record and ignores the others. [run time] The Name entry must refer to a nonempty string in the string heap, no longer than 511 characters plus the zero terminator. The name must be the module filename including the extension and excluding the path and the drive letter.
A common technique in C# and similar programming languages is to define a series of methods, where each provides some default parameters for the next. Listing 9-17 contains an example. Listing 9-17. Related Methods with Default Parameter Values class Calculator { public int PerformCalculation(int x, int y, int divisor) { return (x * y) / divisor; } public int PerformCalculation(int x, int y) { return PerformCalculation(x, y, 2); } public int PerformCalculation(int x) { return PerformCalculation(x, 10); } } If you call the version of the method that has two arguments, then a default value is used for the divisor parameter. If you call the version that has only one parameter, then default values are used for the y and divisor parameters. This is a nice way of providing consistent default values, but it does tend to clutter up a class file with largely redundant method definitions. You can get the same effect without the clutter using the optional parameters feature. Listing 9-18 contains an example. Listing 9-18. Using an Optional Parameter class Calculator { public int PerformCalculation(int x, int y = 10, int divisor = 2) { return (x * y) / divisor; } }
to take the hit on index creation the first time you do a query that may take advantage of the index, you would use IndexModeOnDemand. The IndexModeNever option is provided to mark cases in which you want to ensure that indexes are never created on a field. Table 14-1 summarizes the parameters of the Indexable attribute.
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