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Integrating Data Matrix in Objective-C DATA LOADING AND UNLOADING

How It Works
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The round-tripping of managed PE files includes two steps. The first step is to disassemble the PE file into an ILAsm source file and the managed and unmanaged resource files: ildasm MyModule.dll / The second step of round-tripping is to invoke the ILAsm compiler to produce a new PE file from the results of the disassembler s activities: ilasm /dll /out:MyModuleRT.dll /res:MyModule.res The command-line options of the ILAsm compiler are listed in full in Appendix D. The most important of these options are the following: The /OUT:<file_name> option specifies the name of the resulting PE file. The default name is the name of the first source file plus the extension .dll or .exe. The /DLL option creates a dynamic-link library module. The default is to create an executable (EXE) PE file. The file extension of the output file does not matter; if you specify /OUT:MyModule.dll and neglect to specify /DLL, the result is an executable PE file (EXE) named MyModule.dll. You can try to sell such a PE file to Barnum, but you won t be able to do much more than that. The /RES:<unmanaged_resource_file_name> option indicates that the compiler must incorporate the specified unmanaged resource file into the PE file. The managed resources are specified in the ILAsm source code and are picked up by the compiler automatically, whereas an unmanaged resource has no metadata representation and hence must be explicitly specified in a command-line option. The /DEBUG option has two effects: a PDB file is created, and the [mscorlib]System. Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute custom attribute is assigned to the Assembly or Module metadata record. See Compiling in Debug Mode, later in this chapter, for more details. The /KEY:<private_key_file_name> or /KEY:@<private_key_source_name> option makes the IL assembler use the specified private key to strong name sign the output PE file. If you are round-tripping a strong-name-signed prime module and don t have the private key if, in other words, it s someone else s assembly you can leave the module
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Note Although they are available in the list of chart types, you cannot use the X Y (Scatter), Bubble, or
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In order for these items to survive instance shutdown, we need some kind of persistent way of storing them. EC2 users have developed several approaches over the years, and Amazon has responded by adding important features to EC2 that make persistence simpler.
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Setting appropriate access rules per entity is critical and it prevents accidental modification of an entity to create robust data services. This will help you implementing secure and error-free data access operations (CRUD operations) to database. The second line sets all rights access to the service operation. At this point, if you run the service, the output would be something similar to Figure 6-26.
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Facing the Unknown
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SetHistoryList SetTaskList
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in the Introduction) and recompile it. After installation, a ZIP file named will be generated under the install target folder. For example, if the install folder is C:\Program Files then the full path to find this file is C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.0\ This ZIP file contains a set of sample projects. Unzip this file and find the solution folder called CloudDrive. Load that solution into Visual Studio and recompile it (this requires you to run Visual Studio under a login account with Administrator privilege), and the assembly file StorageClient.dll will be generated as Figure 1-3 shows.
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Figure 8-24. A BindingSource of SQLDataServiceControl is defined to bind the data source to the data object instance s XML SQLDatabaseAccessRootSqlDataServiceRoot Listing 8-16. Implementation for SQLDatabaseAccessControl using using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.ComponentModel; System.Drawing; System.Data; System.Linq; System.Text; System.Windows.Forms;
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BlackToWhiteGradient, as I am doing in Figure 2-40.
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Select a default value when a nullable type is null. Read input from the keyboard. Make a beep noise. Modify the appearance of the command window. Generate a nonsecure random number.
The last operation we will look at is deleting data, which is done by calling the Delete method on each DataRow object that you want removed and then calling the SqlDataAdapter.Update method, as shown in Listing 31-13. Listing 31-13. Deleting Data from a DataSet using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Configuration; System.Data; System.Data.SqlClient;
Adding a New Item with Proxy Classes
Hosting in IIS
Overflow Checking Context
The 16.HelloAzure project describes our application to Windows Azure and allows us to configure it for the Azure platform. We will use the output from this project when we deploy our application. 16.HelloAzure contains two (annoyingly similarly named) configuration files you will not have come across before: ServiceDefinition.csdef ServiceConfiguration.cscfg
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