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The throw keyword is used to raise an exception, indicating that an error has occurred. This keyword is used in conjunction with the System.Exception class, and classes derived from System.Exception can be used to represent specific types of error.
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xOffset: The amount the child will be offset in the X coordinate yOffset: The amount the child will be offset in the Y coordinate angle: The angle the child will be rotate to
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Deploying Our New Workflow
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Figure 5-10. Splitter pattern
Here's how to adjust settings for the Facebook app: 1. 2. 3. Tap the Settings icon. Tap Facebook in the left column. You can now adjust various options: Shake to Reload feature, which reloads or updates the page when you shake your iPod touch. Vibrate feature, which alerts you when notifications are sent. Push Notifications, which have simple On/Off toggle switches. Touch Push Notifications to see the detailed switches on the next screen. Push Notifications settings screen for the Facebook app: Touch each switch to set it ON or OFF. For each switch that is in the ON position, you will receive Push Notifications when something changes for example, when you receive a message that somebody has confirmed you as a friend, tagged you in a photo, or commented on your Wall. TIP: The Facebook app has a new Places feature, which allows you to check in and then see Nearby Friends as shown in the settings screen to the right.
The reason two SQL statements are being executed is because of ownership rules. As the relationship stands, the parent, which is Book, is responsible for maintaining the parent-tochild relationship. In the case of Book and Comment, this sort of arrangement is acceptable, because only one Comment is ever associated with one Book. There will never be the situation where a comment will be referenced with another book. There are some instances where this type responsibility isn t acceptable, and the child should be responsible for the referencing. The configuration mapping file needs to be updated. The updated one for Book is as follows: <hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.0"> <class name="Chap08.ObjectRelational.Book, Chap08.ObjectRelational" table="BOOKS"> <id name="ISBN" column="ISBN"> <generator class="assigned" /> </id> <property name="Title" /> <property name="Author" /> <bag name="Comments" inverse="true" cascade="all"> <key column="PARENT_ISBN" /> <one-to-many class="Chap08.ObjectRelational.Comment, Chap08.ObjectRelational" /> </bag> </class> </hibernate-mapping> Again, the XML tag bag is modified to include an attribute, inverse, with a value of true. This tells NHibernate that the responsibility of the parent-child relationship is managed by the child instance. If the C# code in the Putting It All Together Again section were executed again, the child would be created, and there would be only one SQL statement, INSERT. The single statement is good, but if there is a NOT NULL constraint, an error would still be generated. The problem is that the child is fulfilling its responsibility and creating an association to the BOOKS table. What is needed is a reference to the PARENT_ISBN column because the child Comment hasn t been modified to manage the PARENT_ISBN data. Remember from the Implementing Comments section that there is no property for the PARENT_ISBN column. Comment is updated to include a reference to the parent as follows: public class Comment { private string _comment; private string _whoMadeComment; private Book _parent; private string _ID; public Comment() { } public Comment( string comment, string whoMadeComment, Book parent) { _comment = comment; _whoMadeComment = whoMadeComment; _parent = parent; }
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