Integrated Data Matrix in Objective-C DATA LOADING AND UNLOADING

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Create a new activity Library with a project name of KCD.Workflow.Rules and give the activity class a clever name, such as ExternalPolicy. When the solution is created, open up the activity in Code view and add the contents of Listing 8-8 to the top with the other using statements. Add references to Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and System.Windows.Forms.dll to your project and we can continue on.
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The Local Computer certificate store: Used by the Web service, this location should store the public key. The Current User certificate store: Used by the client, this location should store the certificate and the private key. Here are the installation steps for installing the certificates: Step 1: Open a new MMC console by typing mmc in the Run dialog window. Step 2: Select File Add/Remove Snap-In. Click the Add button and then select Certificates from the available list. You will be prompted to select the type of account that will manage the certificates. Select My User Account and click Finish. Step 3: Repeat Step 2, but this time when you are prompted for an account, select Computer Account and click Finish. Click OK to close out the dialog box for adding certificate stores. You should now be looking at an MMC console view that displays the Current User and Local Computer certificate stores, as shown in Figure 5-5. (Note, Figure 5-5 displays an imported client private key, which you will not yet have, but which you will add in Step 4.) Step 4: Expand the Personal folder of the Current User certificate store and then right-click it to select the All Tasks Import menu option. Import the sample personal information exchange file titled Client Private.pfx. The sample certificates and private keys are installed with WSE 2.0, and their default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft WSE\ v2.0\Samples\Sample Test Certificates\. Client Private.pfx is the private key that the Web service client will use to encrypt requests to the Web service. Note that you will be prompted to enter a password for the private key during the import. For the WSE 2.0 test certificates, you can locate this password in a file called readme.htm, which is located in the same folder as the test certificates. Step 5: Right-click again the Personal folder of the Current User certificate store and select the All Tasks Import menu option. Import the sample test certificate titled Server Public.cer. This is the public key that the client uses to digitally sign requests for the Web service. Step 6: Expand the Personal folder of the Local Computer certificate store and import the sample test certificate titled Server Public.cer. This is the public key that the Web service uses to decrypt the client s request.
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Processes, Threads, and Asynchronous Programming
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Listing 8-2. Using NSURLConnection to Load a Web Page
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Figure 18-8. Numeric conversions
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When faced with news items, possibly by the thousands, it becomes increasingly hard to find the ones that are the most important to you at any particular moment. Even though you ve subscribed to all feeds yourself, you don t necessarily want to read everything as it becomes available. Sometimes, you may just want to see what s new; other times, just read one or two lengthy items that you marked earlier, and yet other times, perhaps catch up on some of those low-priority items. Ultimately, only you know what s important, but what if the application could assist you along the way There are two aspects of this assistance: the logic behind finding out what s important right now and the presentation of it in the user interface. With regard to the latter, the user interface in general should always allow you to quickly find what s the most important. But I d like to see if there s a way to have the application itself present the news in a way that allows you to discover what you might like to read here and now. This is much like opening a newspaper and being presented with the news in an exciting, unexpected way. But where the newspaper looks the same for every one of the hundreds of thousands of readers, I d like my newsreader application to adapt to every single one of its hundreds of thousands of users. In other words, based on the user s reading pattern, and whatever other logic I can come up with, I d like to be able to figure out what s most important to the user right now and present that in an exciting way.
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The CAG is a control mechanism for a workflow. It allows you, the workflow builder, to specify a group of activities that will execute based on certain conditions. The CAG is different from a simple if-else or while activity in a couple of key ways. First, the CAG itself has a UntilCondition property that controls the processing of the CAG and therefore all of the activities that it contains. Second, each activity contained within the CAG gets a WhenCondition property added to it that specifies the condition under which that individual activity executes. This combination of conditions can be combined to create an extremely powerful, complex workflow operating off conditions not known until runtime. The third difference is that the CAG can contain multiple child activities, unlike the while activity, which can only contain one child (yes, you could make that one child a composite activity, but ). The CAG activity is quite advanced and entire chapters of WF books will be dedicated to it. Allows you to pause your workflow. Useful if you need to have your workflow stop executing until a certain time.
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