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Statspack (SP)
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Orientation Specifies whether child content is stacked horizontally (wrapping to the next row) or vertically (wrapping to the next column). Can be set to Horizontal (default value) or Vertical.
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Listing 7-22. Response Time Profile for a Query Using a Table Join Response Time Component ---------------------------------------SQL*Net message from client CPU service unaccounted-for pipe get SQL*Net message to client ---------------------------------------Total response time Duration --------0.84s 0.11s 0.07s 0.03s 0.00s --------1.06s Pct -----79.5% 10.3% 6.9% 3.2% 0.0% -----100.0% # Calls --------270 281 1 1 270 --------Dur/Call -----------0.003109s 0.000389s 0.072339s 0.034077s 0.000002s ------------
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err_Handler: Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub To run the event code, change the selection in the OrderDates pivot table s report filter.
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terse and precise because they are used for one reason: to express your instructions to the computer as clearly and unambiguously as possible. Helpfully, there is a universal, authoritative specification for C#. Grammarians can vigorously debate the history and meaning of words in English, but in C# the history of all keywords is that they were defined by Microsoft and the meaning is contained in the C# language specification, which you can find at I am not suggesting that you run off and read the language specification right now; it is a dry, precise, overlytechnical document in the way that formal specifications tend to be. But if you are ever in doubt about the exact meaning and use of a C# term, the specification provides the authoritative reference.
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namespace AuditSystem { class Audit { public static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new instance of a type from // the BillingSystem namespace Bill b = new Bill(); // create a new instance of a type from // the OrderSystem namespace Order o = new Order(); // create a new instance of the Product class Product p = new Product(); } } } In Listing 11-12, I have imported the BillingSystem and OrderSystem namespaces with the using statement. Of course, this imports all the types in each namespace, including the two Product classes. I create an instance of the Bill class. That works fine, because there is only one class with that name the one with the fully qualified name of BillingSystem.Bill. The same is true when I create an instance of the Order class. There is only one class with that name, OrderSystem.Order. But when I create an instance of Product, which of the two classes with that name should the C# compiler assume that I am using, OrderSystem.Product or BillingSystem.Product Visual Studio can t work it out, and you ll see the error that is displayed in Figure 11-3.
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Figure 5-12. The generated data connection
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Note ASP.NET validation controls at least allow for basic data validation in the interface, with that validation automatically extended to the browser by the ASP.NET technology itself. Though not a total solution, this is a powerful feature that does help.
AdapterType adapter1(dict); for_each(adapter1.begin(), adapter1.end(), Print() ); } The output is as follows: cat small furry animal dog medium-size friendly animal goat large cantankerous animal turtle small reclusive reptile
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