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Development Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C DATA LOADING AND UNLOADING

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With this in mind, if you look again at the declaration of Count, which follows, you can see that the second parameter must be a delegate object that takes a single value of some type T as the method parameter and returns a value of type bool. public static int Count<T>(this IEnumerable<T> source, Func<T, bool> predicate ); Parameter type Return type A parameter delegate that produces a Boolean value is called a predicate. The first four Action delegates are the following. They re the same as the Func delegates except that they have no return value and hence no return value type parameter. All their type parameters are contravariant. public public public public delegate delegate delegate delegate void void void void Action ( Action<in T1> ( Action<in T1, in T2> ( Action<in T1, in T2, in T3>( ); T1 a1 ); T1 a1, T2 a2 ); T1 a1, T2 a2, T3 a3 );
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Figure 1-6. Overview of the CLR
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4. Now double-click the first TextBlock to edit the Text and type in Silverlight Rocks! 5. Double-click the second TextBlock to edit the Text and paste in
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Adding the Label Controls
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Listing 6-31. The game.h File
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The Problem
In my quest for fire, I got a week into porting the graphics to OpenGL. When I saw that a change that would be trivial in Quartz was going to undo most of my work, I realized I had been too hasty choosing OpenGL. It would have taken no more than a day to try optimizing my Quartz code. Better to waste a day than a week. I reconsidered my assessment of what Shark had to say. I assumed that there was no getting around the fact that drawing an image with alpha compositing is going to be slow. Sometimes a week of dealing with OpenGL is just the thing to see the problem from a different angle. To the GPU, an image is just an array of numbers describing the color of each pixel. When images overlap, the GPU just draws the one on top, but alpha compositing requires performing math on each and every pixel. The only way to speed that up would be to reduce the number of pixels being blended. The mask image is only 220 pixels wide, but I padded it to screen width, 320 pixels, for convenience. If Knuth is right, any convenience has a 3 percent chance of being too slow. It s inconvenient having to go back and redo that work, but you need to do it only once. Every convenience that makes reading code easier will be repaid many times over. In this case, the 100 pixels of padding doesn t seem like a big deal, but at 480 pixels high, that padding adds 48,000 unnecessary blend operations each time I draw the image. Eliminating this padding brought drawing the image down from 78.7 percent of each run loop to 53.8 percent, as shown in Figure 7-9. That s a definite improvement, but I m still spending half the run loop drawing the same image. If I can t draw it faster, maybe I can draw it fewer times, as I ll demonstrate in the next section. Don t be surprised if an optimization actually makes things slower. Figuring out why, aside from being instructional, can often uncover subtle bugs in the original code. Getting there requires finding a metric to give Shark s results meaning in this case, the number of times the slow method gets called. You can get this metric in a number of ways. Apple s Instruments tool could do it, as could the Dtrace profiling technology on which that tool is built. Setting breakpoints in the debugger that count, log, and continue would also work. In a pinch, a couple of static integers and NSLog will work. Be careful with logging, though, as too many calls to NSLog will become their own performance problem.
The BindingSourceRefresh control is also an extender control, but its purpose is quite different from the ReadWriteAuthorization control. It turns out that there s a quirk in the way Windows Forms data binding works. The BindingSourceRefresh control helps work around this quirk. The quirk is that when data is changed in a business object, data binding doesn t always display the changes in the controls on the form. This occurs in the following sequence of events:
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