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The request to the service token provider must be signed with a valid security token. You can choose any supported token type, including UsernameToken and X509 security tokens. Listing 8-9 shows a basic code listing to generate a UsernameToken security token.
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and T_<data_RVA> for TLS data when it disassembles each original module, so the data labels are almost guaranteed to overlap. Duplicate data labels cause compilation failure. The list of hazards to watch for in the process of linking through round-tripping looks endless, but in fact all these limitations are reasonable, and their analogs can be found in the traditional linking of object files. Actually, traditional linking is even less tolerant of duplicate definitions. And avoiding (or getting rid of) the dangerous duplications is not rocket science. The Lame Linker I mentioned earlier eliminated multiple Assembly declarations, but nothing else. The ILLINK is more sophisticated. It reshuffles the source lines from the disassembled files into head and tail temporary files, with the manifest declarations and forward class declarations (if any) going to the head and class member declarations going to tail, and in the process of doing that it eliminates duplicate declarations and cross-references between the modules being linked, shifts the v-table entry indexes and export ordinals, and modifies the data labels. You are cordially invited to play with this little tool (524 lines in C including comments) and maybe extend its functionality. Module linking is necessary whenever you want to create a single-module assembly from a multimodule assembly or a set of assemblies. And it does not matter how you came into possession of the multimodule assembly or a set of assemblies in the first place. Perhaps you developed different modules using different languages. Or perhaps you split your application into subsystems to be developed independently. Or perhaps you split your application for independent development, and the developers of each subsystem chose their own development language. But you don t want to deploy and service your product as a set of assemblies and modules, which would be a pain, so here you are.
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The LONG and LONG RAW types are subject to the restrictions outlined in Table 12-2. Even though it might be considered jumping ahead, I ve added a column to say whether the corresponding LOB type, which is the replacement for the LONG/LONG RAW types, is subject to the same restriction.
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do this, there needs to be some black-box component running as a service on the application server with which the client can interact. This black-box component does little more than accept the object from the client, and then call methods on the object to retrieve or update data as required. But the object itself does all the real work. Figure 2-9 illustrates this concept, showing how the same physical business object can be passed from application server to client, and vice versa, via a generic router object that s running on the application server. In 1, I discussed anchored and mobile objects. In this model, the business object is mobile, meaning that it can be passed around the network by value. The router object is anchored, meaning that it will always run on the machine where it s created. In the framework, I ll refer to this router object as a data portal. It will act as a portal for all data access for all the objects. The objects will interact with this portal in order to retrieve default values (create), fetch data (read), update or insert data (update), and remove data (delete). This means that the data portal will provide a standardized mechanism by which objects can perform all CRUD operations. The end result will be that each business class will include a factory method that the UI can call in order to load an object based on data from the database, as follows: public static Customer GetCustomer(string customerId) { return DataPortal.Fetch<Customer>(new Criteria(customerId)); }
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Receiving Data from Other Players in the Session
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Returns a ReadOnlyCollection<T> that does not allow the elements in the list to be changed Gets or sets the number of elements that the list can contain before the underlying array is resized Converts each item in the list to type TOut and returns a List<TOut> containing the results Copies the elements of the list into an array
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binding_1.set_dataContext(checkBoxBoolean); binding_1.set_dataPath('checked'); binding_1.set_property('text'); binding_1.set_transformerArgument("Checkbox is {0}."); binding_1.set_direction(Web.BindingDirection.InOut); binding_1.transform.add(Web.Binding.Transformers.ToString); This is the same as how you set it up in the Atlas Script earlier, pointing the binding at the checkBoxBoolean control s checked property. This is then bound to the text property of this control. Note that the binding hasn t yet been associated with the text box, but this will happen shortly. The transformer argument is set up to create the text that will show in the text box after the binding occurs, as well as the direction type for the binding. The values for the binding direction are available in the Web.BindingDirection enumeration. Additionally, the transform Web.Binding.Transformers.ToString is applied. Other values for the transform are available in the Web.Binding.Transformers enumeration. To associate this binding with the text box, you need to call the get_bindings() method to get the collection of bindings associated with this control and call its add method, passing it this binding. You do that like this: textBox.get_bindings().add(binding_1); Another binding connects the checkboxes to each other. Again, this is a Web.Binding control, which supports methods that allow you to set the data context, data path, transform, and property to which to bind. You set it up like this: var binding_2 = new Web.Binding(); binding_2.set_dataContext(checkBoxBoolean); binding_2.set_dataPath('checked'); binding_2.set_property('checked'); binding_2.transform.add(Web.Binding.Transformers.Invert); checkBoxDisabled.get_bindings().add(binding_2); It is vitally important to then call the initialize() method on the controls after all the binding is set up to make sure it works correctly. Sometimes by habit you may initialize them directly after construction, but in this case you should wait until all of the bindings have been configured first: g_checkBoxBoolean.initialize(); g_checkBoxDisabled.initialize(); g_textBox.initialize();
// Explicit implementation
Fully qualified names can be quite long, and using them throughout your code can become quite cumbersome. There are two compiler directives, however, that allow you to avoid having to use fully qualified names the using namespace directive and the using alias directive. Two important points about the using directives are the following: They must be placed at the top of the source file, before any type declarations. They apply for all the namespaces in the current source file.
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