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Table 8-6. Continued
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Two minor WPF annoyances are that the first control in the tab order isn t passed the focus automatically and that when a TextBox control does get the focus, the text it contains isn t selected. We can fix this by adding two small event handlers.
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A very helpful section of the optimizer trace file shows the bind variables values that were examined when optimizing the statement, thus allowing the SQL statement to be optimized as if constants were specified in the SQL statement rather than bind variables with default selectivity estimates. Unfortunately, this section does not show the bind variable names as used in the SQL statement. Instead, the sequential position of the bind variable is listed, so it is necessary to match the sequential
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The ToString method is covered in the Formatting Strings section later in this chapter.
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With the built-in VS2005 Workflow Designers, creating a simple workflow is just a matter of drag and drop. Open the VBFirstSequentialWFConsoleApplication and open Workflow1 in design mode instead of viewing the code. The easiest activity to begin with is the Code activity, as it s something you re already familiar with. Take the Code activity from the Toolbox and drag it onto the designer between the green start arrow and the red stop block. When you drop the activity there, it will automatically take the name CodeActivity1 and have a red exclamation point at the top right corner of the activity control, as shown in Figure 2-7. Click that exclamation point and an arrow appears. Click the arrow and you see a message stating Property ExecuteCode is not set. This means that there s no code in the Code activity. Open the Properties window and set the Name of the Code activity to Step1 and the description of the Code activity to Step 1 in Process. You ll notice there s a property called ExecuteCode. This is the property that the Code activity control wants filled in. You can automatically get the handler code created by right-clicking the Code activity and choosing Generate Handlers. This opens the code window and creates the Step1_ExecuteCode sub, which handles the ExecuteCode event. This event will fire when the code is executed within the Code activity. The designer adds this handler automatically for you.
Certain areas that held limited functionality had a stronger opportunity for branding and design. The sync screen, for example, required a very simple interface, so we strengthened it with our icon s image, a tent.
s Technically, the Criteria class can have any name, as long as it s [Serializable()], and is either Tip nested in the business class or inherits from CriteriaBase. Some objects may have more than one criteria class, each one defining a different set of criteria that can be used to retrieve the object.
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