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Getting the Property s Data Type
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Dotfuscator is a post-build .NET hardening and instrumentation platform for protecting, measuring and managing .NET applications. Traditionally a reduced functionality version of Dotfuscator has been bundled with previous releases of Visual Studio and VS2010 is no exception. However, the new version of Dotfuscator Software Services CE contains Runtime Intelligence functionality and some great added features including: Tamper defense (detect modification of application) Application expiration (such as expire an application after 30 day trial period) Session and feature usage tracking (allows you to track what the user was actually doing within your application) Ability to send tamper and tracking usage to an end point of your choice for later analysis
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Note As long as at least one column of an Oracle B*Tree index is defined as NOT NULL, all rows in the table
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CHAPTER 9: FontShuffle
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Proxy class files can still be generated directly from the Web service WSDL document, so this step does not have to change with a revised architecture in order to still work. However, the auto-generated proxy class file will not automatically utilize the dedicated definition assembly. This creates a significant issue because the proxy class file maintains its own type and interface definitions. Your goal is to have a central repository for this information. So in the interest of type fidelity, you need to modify the auto-generated proxy file to utilize the definition assembly rather than a separate copy of the same information. Separate copies can be modified, and there is nothing to stop you from altering a proxy file so that it can no longer call the Web service it is intended for. This is why it is good to derive all types and interfaces from a common source.
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Creating a Parallel ForEach Loop
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Editable objects that derive from Csla.BusinessBase will support data binding. One key interface for Windows Forms data binding is System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged. This interface simply declares a single event: PropertyChanged. In 2, I discussed the issue of serializing objects that declare events. If a non-serializable object handles the event, then serialization will fail, because it will attempt to serialize the nonserializable object. Having just discussed the ObjectCloner class, it is clear that all business objects must be serializable. To avoid this issue, events must be declared in a more complex manner than normal. Specifically, they must be declared using a block structure such that it is possible to manually declare the delegate field. That way, the field can be marked with the [NonSerialized()] attribute to prevent serialization from attempting to serialize a non-serializable event handler. To be slightly more clever, the implementation can maintain two delegate fields, one serializable and one not. As event handlers are added, the code can check to see if the handler is contained within a serializable object or not, and can add the event handler to the appropriate delegate. All this functionality is encapsulated in Csla.Core.BindableBase. This is the base class from which Csla.BusinessBase will ultimately derive. Here s the code: namespace Csla.Core { [Serializable()] public abstract class BindableBase : System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged { [NonSerialized()] private PropertyChangedEventHandler _nonSerializableHandlers; private PropertyChangedEventHandler _serializableHandlers; protected BindableBase() {
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Constants Are Like Statics..................................................................................................................119
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