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Explicit casting must be used with care because of the risk of encountering problems. C# provides some features that can help you reduce the likelihood of problems when performing explicit casts.
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currentGameState = GameState.Searching; } break; The NetworkSession.BeginFind method will cause a second thread to be created in the background. This thread will perform the search in parallel with your main program. As a benefit, you program doesn t wait at the NetworkSession.BeginFind line as it did with the NetworkSession.Find method. Instead, it immediately continues to the Searching state. The NetworkSession.BeginFind method requires five arguments. The first three are the same as for the NetworkSession.Find method, as described in recipe 8-3. To understand the fourth argument, I ll now discuss what happens when the search in the background finishes. The second thread will call one of your methods and pass it the results. This means you have to specify which method should be called, which can be done using the fourth parameter. In this example, you instruct the second thread to call the EndAsynchSearch method when it finishes, which you can find next. The last argument allows you to identify the asynchronous operation, which can be useful in case you have multiple asynchronous operations running at the same time. See recipe 1-8 for an example of this argument.
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Then load the PointPairList onto the chart. You do this using the AddCurve method of the pane. This method takes four parameters. The first is a string with the name of the data range. In this case, it is Closing Price. If you were superimposing data ranges on the chart (as shown later in Figure 10-15), you would give them their distinct names here. The second parameter is the PointPairList. The third is the color for this range, which in this case is Color.SlateBlue, and the final parameter is the SymbolType used to indicate a point on the line. If you refer to Figure 10-14, you ll see that some points are indicated with triangles or diamonds. You specify these here. Because the graph has a lot of points that would cause it to look cluttered, you won t use a symbol type for this example.
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Figure 21-2. Allowing the server to accept connections
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The function AddFrame, shown in Listing 6-26, is used to add a single frame of time to a timeval value.
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Hide the complexities of the micro-kernel. Hide micro-kernel dependencies. Provide a bridge between the client and the external servers and the micro-kernel. The adapter is clever in that it knows how to piece together all of the external servers and how to call the micro-kernel. In effect, the adapter is the application programming interface (API) to the micro-kernel. The client only needs to know about the API.
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Local Data Portal
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Simple Statements
A property is a member that represents an item of data in a class or class instance. Using a property appears very much like writing to, or reading from, a field. The syntax is the same. For example, the following code shows the use of a class called MyClass that has both a public field and a public property. From their usage, you cannot tell them apart. MyClass mc = new MyClass(); mc.MyField = 5; mc.MyProperty = 10; // Assigning to a field // Assigning to a property
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