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public Vector3[] Positions { get { return positions; } } public BoundingBox GlobalBoundingBox { get { return boundingBox; } } } This simple class can store an array of Vector3s and a BoundingBox. It has one constructor that stores the values passed to it in its internal variables. You ve also defined two getter methods, allowing you to retrieve the contents of the variables later.
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possible to develop an exit strategy that may involve keeping the application running, and not arbitrarily exiting the application. When an exception is generated, many applications will exit, which isn t the best strategy as a general approach. Often the reason why applications exit is that it s the simplest method to implement. The clever reader will say that using an exception to indicate an end-of-array condition isn t a bad idea, and can even be efficient. Think of it as follows. To implement an error handler or upper limit test requires one clock cycle. To catch an exception requires 20 clock cycles. Therefore, if the array is 21 elements long, throwing an exception is more efficient than testing for an end of the array. However, even with a performance improvement, using exceptions in lieu of good error-handler functionality is wrong from a software engineering perspective. One of the main reasons not to use exceptions instead of error handlers is that code can become unpredictable, because there may be too many exception handlers. Consider the following modified source code based on the original example, which could be potentially unpredictable: int[] args = new int[ 10]; try { for( int c1 = 0; ; c1 ++) { int calculation = 1; try { Tracer.Output( "Counter " + c1); calculation = 23; } catch( Exception ex) { ; } args[ c1] = calculation; } } catch( IndexOutOfRangeException excep) { Tracer.output( 10, "You've hit the end of the array"); } In the modified source code, two pieces of functionality have been added. The first addition is a nested exception handler that catches the exception Exception. The second source code addition is the variable calculation. Going through the logic of the code, the variable calculation is defined and assigned a value of 1. Then, within the nested exception handler, the variable calculation is assigned a value of 23. Now imagine if the method Tracer.Output were to generate an error. The assignment of the calculation variable to 23 would be ignored, and the loop would continue processing the data without further consideration. What has happened is that the nested exception handler irons out any problems that result in allowing the application to continue. Yet the result is an invalid state as the assigning of calculation = 23 has been skipped. The assignment is an invalid assignment, and the result is an inconsistent application that appears to function properly. Focusing on the consistency problem, what s happening is the hiding of problems. Because there are a larger number of exception blocks, real exceptions are masked and captured by
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ExtendedBindingList Class
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The following screenshots are the test results of Exercise 3-4.
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