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Before we can get started with WDS we are going to need some data to play with. If you haven t already done so, please refer to the introduction and set up the example database. In this chapter we will be using SQL Server 2008, but don t think that you are limited to using just SQL Server since WDS will work with anything supported by Entity Framework ( 8). To expose our data we have to perform four steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Create Entity Framework classes for the data we want to expose Create a host ASP.NET application for the WDS service Create the WDS service Configure access rules for the service
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Building a Socket-Based Sample Text Chat Application
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Assemblies are the bridge between C# and the .NET Framework. To C#, .NET is everything. You write your program instructions in the knowledge that the .NET runtime will execute them on your behalf as set out in the C# language specification. In fact, .NET doesn t really know or care about C#. It just consumes the CIL in the assemblies that compiling C# produces.
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Figure 16-1. Publishers and subscribers
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Two-Player Games
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The following code shows an example of calling a delegate s BeginInvoke method. The first line declares a delegate type called MyDel. The next line declares a method called Sum, which matches the delegate. The following line declares a delegate object called del, of the delegate type MyDel, and initializes its invocation list with the Sum method. Finally, the last line of code calls the BeginInvoke method of the delegate object and supplies it with the two delegate parameters 3 and 5 and the two BeginInvoke parameters callback and state, which are set to null in this example. When executed, the BeginInvoke method performs two actions: It gets a thread from the thread pool and starts method Sum running on the new thread, supplying it with 3 and 5 as its actual parameters. It collects information about the state of the new thread and makes it available through a reference to an interface of type IAsyncResult, which it returns to the calling thread. The calling thread, in this example, stores it in a variable called iar.
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public%ORA11GR2> show parameter spfile ORA-00942: table or view does not exist While the SYSOPER role can start and stop the database, it can t access V$ views and so on. It is very limited in what it can do. We can verify that we are using the SPFILE by connecting as an account privileged enough to do so: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> show parameter spfile NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- -----------------------------spfile string /home/ora11gr2/dbs/spfileora11 gr2.ora To recap, we used the SHOW PARAMETER command here to show that initially we were not using an SPFILE, but after we created one and restarted the instance, we were using one and it had the default name.
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class interface delegate array
The preceding program and command line produce the following output: Jon Peter Beth Julia Tammi Other important things to know about Main are the following: Main must always be declared static. Main can be declared in either a class or a struct.
Figure 9-2. Line, rectangle, and ellipse geometries
Figure 3-3. Possible class diagram for the Project Tracker application
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