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Figure 35-20. The client design surface
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You don t need to include all fields in the pivot table to see them in the Show Details output. A pivot Tip
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The first thing you are going to do is create an object. In keeping with the preceding discussion on OOP, you will call this object Fruit. You ll then add some common features that all fruits share. That is, all fruits are edible containers for a seed. So, let s create our Fruit object now:
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Figure 7-4. The wrong type of flashcard is really only the beginning of what s wrong with this icon. It would never even scale down to the size of an icon on the iPhone. What a disaster!
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this queuing operation to happen in the background, you ll need to fork off another thread.
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SmartDate already has a field to control whether an empty date represents the largest or smallest possible date. This field is exposed as a property so that other code can determine how dates are handled: Public ReadOnly Property EmptyIsMin() As Boolean Get Return Not mEmptyIsMax End Get End Property SmartDate also implements an IsEmpty property so that code can ask if the SmartDate object represents an empty date: Public ReadOnly Property IsEmpty() As Boolean Get If Not mEmptyIsMax Then Return Me.Date.Equals(Date.MinValue) Else Return Me.Date.Equals(Date.MaxValue) End If End Get End Property Notice the use of the mEmptyIsMax flag to determine whether an empty date is to be considered the largest or smallest possible date for comparison purposes. If it is the smallest date, then it is empty if the date value equals DateTime.MinValue; if it is the largest date, it is empty if the value equals DateTime.MaxValue.
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ShowDialog, as I am doing in Figure 16-28.
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To create a new private queue, expand the Message Queuing node and rightclick the Private Queues subfolder. Expand and select the New Private Queue menu option. Enter a name for the queue (I used wsmessaging) and click OK. You will see the new queue listed under the Private Queues subfolder.
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