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When your EF model contains many entities then the designer window can get pretty crowded. You can zoom in and out of the model view by clicking the magnifying icons in the corner of the scroll bars or by right-clicking and selecting the zoom level.
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As you look through the table, remember that the SoapContext class is always referenced in context, meaning that when you reference it in code, it will always be holding the contents of an active request or response message. By definition, there is no such thing as stand-alone or disconnected SoapContext. So it is useful to explore this class by setting a breakpoint in your code and examining the various member properties and their settings in the Immediate debug window. Also, the WSE 3.0 documentation contains a detailed class reference for the member classes. You can learn a lot about how WSE works by examining the various classes and properties and learning how they interact with each other. The Microsoft.Web.Services3 assembly provides a large number of namespaces that cover several different WS- specifications. These are summarized in Table 5-2, along with a brief description of which WS- specifications they apply to. As you begin coding with the various WS- specifications, you will need to import one or more of these namespaces into your Web services project. Table 5-2. Namespaces in WSE 3.0 Microsoft.Web.Services3 Assembly
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Figure 8-2. The data-bound application showing autocomplete functionality
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Figure 13-1. The member constants of an enum are represented by underlying integral values.
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MemberRef Table
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Open up Visual Studio and create a new Editor Margin project called 2.EditorMargin. 1. Open MarginFactory.cs and note how it utilizes the MEF [Export] attribute (the other attributes contain various bits of metadata utilized by the IDE): [Export(typeof(IWpfTextViewMarginProvider))] [Name("GreenBar")] //Ensure that the margin occurs below the horizontal scrollbar [Order(After = PredefinedMarginNames.HorizontalScrollBar)] //Set the container to the bottom of the editor window [MarginContainer(MarginContainerAttribute.Bottom)] //Do this for all content types [ContentType("text")] [TextViewRole(PredefinedTextViewRoles.Interactive)] internal sealed class MarginFactory : IWpfTextViewMarginProvider { public IWpfTextViewMargin CreateMargin(IWpfTextViewHost textViewHost, IWpfTextViewMargin containerMargin) { return new GreenMargin(textViewHost.TextView); } } 2. Let s do something a bit crazy and tell Visual Studio to rotate the text editor 245 degrees. Open MarginFactory.cs and add the following using statement: using System.Windows.Media;
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function-based indexes are usable without any setup. The Oracle SQL Reference manual for Oracle9i Release 2 is not correct in this regard it says you need these privileges when, in fact, you do not.
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To handle leaking native resources, the GC supports a last-chance cleanup function. Before the GC actually reclaims an object s memory, it can call a special function on the object to inform it about its upcoming end. This function is called a finalizer. Technically spoken, a finalizer is an override of the virtual function System::Object::Finalize, but a C++/CLI programmer uses a special language construct to implement finalization logic. In addition to a destructor function ~T, a type can also have a finalization function !T. This is shown in the following code: public ref class SampleClass { ... other members ... ~SampleClass() { ... this destructor is called via IDisposable::Dispose for normal cleanup ... }
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