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Figure 4-22. Two references to your custom content pipeline project are required. When you select the ModelTriangleProcessor to process your model and run your solution, your model should now contain an array of Triangle objects in its Tag property.
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* Note: latch wait count is in thousands for No Binds and not so for Binds
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Figure 6-14. Simple class without indexers There are times, however, when it would be convenient to be able to access them with an index, as if the instance were an array of fields. This is exactly what indexers allow you to do. If you were to write an indexer for class Employee, method Main might look like the code in Figure 6-15. Notice that instead of using dot-syntax notation, indexers use index notation, which consists of an index between square brackets.
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A regular string literal consists of a sequence of characters between a set of double quotes. A regular string literal can include the following: Characters Simple escape sequences Hex and Unicode escape sequences Here s an example: string st1 = "Hi there!"; string st2 = "Val1\t5, Val2\t10"; string st3 = "Add\x000ASome\u0007Interest"; A verbatim string literal is written like a regular string literal but is prefaced with an @ character. The important characteristics of verbatim string literals are the following: Verbatim literals differ from regular string literals in that escape sequences are not evaluated. Everything between the set of double quotes including what would normally be considered escape sequences is printed exactly as it is listed in the string. The only exception with verbatim literals is sets of contiguous double quotes, which are interpreted as a single double quote character.
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These scenarios are all exposed via methods on the Database object. The snippet that follows connects to the pubs database (described as the default in the configuration file) and binds it to an instance of the GridView control:
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Figure 5-36. Generating vertices for a racing track
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Once again we have combined the variable name with the field naming using the dot operator, but this time we have used the assignment value to set a new value, rather than read the current one. Only one of the two VolvoC30 objects that we created in Listing 6-8 has been affected by modifying the field value, as shown by Figure 6-6.
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To look up the reflective color, your pixel shader will need the 3D world position of the current pixel. The Tangent-to-World matrix needs to be constructed by your vertex shader to allow the pixel shader to do some bump mapping. The pixel shader needs to calculate only the color of each pixel. struct OWVertexToPixel { float4 Position : POSITION; float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; float3 Pos3D : TEXCOORD1; float3x3 TTW : TEXCOORD2; };
30-2 through 30-4 30-5, 30-6
Object invariants allow you to specify conditions that must always be true for an object and are created by decorating a procedure with the [ContractInvariantMethod] attribute. The following code ensures that the ImportantData variable can never be null:
Figure 14-18. Draw three Buttons on the artboard.
// Get accessor declaration
The Line class has two properties to define the start point of the line: X1 and Y1. The X2 and Y2 properties are used to define the endpoint of the line. Drawing a line is accomplished using the following XAML: <Line X1="5" Y1="10" X2="50" Y2="10" Stroke="Red" StrokeThickness="2" />
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