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Unfortunately, in practice, the business logic ends up being scattered throughout the UI and intermixed with the UI code itself, thereby decreasing readability and making maintenance more difficult. Even more importantly, business logic in one form or page isn t reusable when subsequent pages or forms are created that use the same data. Furthermore, in a web environment, this architecture also leads to a totally non-interactive user experience, because no validation can occur in the browser. The user must transmit his or her data to the web server for any validation or manipulation to take place.
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Listing 4-1. WCF Service Contract IUserRegisterService and Data Contract User Definition using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text; System.Runtime.Serialization; System.ServiceModel;
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The try Statement
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When we created the original example, we edited a statement in the Global.asax.cs file, as follows:
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The first string literal includes the new line escape sequence, meaning that when the string is displayed, it will be spread over three lines. The second literal is a sample Windows file path. Each directory in a Windows path is separated by a backslash, which, as we have seen, is used by C# to indicate the start of an escape sequence. We have to use a two backslash characters (\\) to get a single backslash character in our string. Here s an example:
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Next, we ll check to see if we are getting a new query that needs to be parsed. If the last query we parsed is the same as the current query, we can skip this step. It is very important to note that on line 47 we are verifying that the P_QUERY passed to us is just a SELECT we will use this package only to execute SQL SELECT statements. This check validates that for us: 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 if ( p_query <> g_query or g_query is NULL ) then if ( upper(trim(nvl(p_query,"x"))) not like "SELECT%") then raise_application_error (-20001, "This must be a select only" ); end if; dbms_sql.parse( g_cursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native ); g_query := p_query; end if;
Editable root list Editable child list Read-only root object Read-only child object Read-only root list Read-only child list Name/value list
// IEnumerator<T>--Current
This approach will use the BoundingSphere surrounding the whole Model. If these BoundingSpheres of the two Models intersect, it is possible that both Models collide. In some cases, this can give very bad results, such as in a skiing game where you want to detect the collision between the two skis of a player. The sphere of a ski is huge in comparison to the ski itself; the ski will occupy less than 1 percent of the volume of the sphere. This check will classify all objects inside the globe (such as the other ski!) as colliding, as illustrated in Figure 4-13. Nonetheless, this method is used very frequently as the first check because of its speed. It would be a shame to waste processing power to check for collisions between two Models of which the global BoundingSpheres don t even collide.
namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation { public abstract class UIElement : DispatcherObject { protected HorizontalAlignment _horizontalAlignment; protected VerticalAlignment _verticalAlignment; public UIElement(); public int ActualHeight { get; } public int ActualWidth { get; } public int Height { get; set; } public HorizontalAlignment HorizontalAlignment { get; set; } protected EventHandlersStore InstanceEventHandlersStore { get; } public bool IsArrangeValid { get; } public bool IsEnabled { get; set; } public bool IsFocused { get; } public bool IsMeasureValid { get; }
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