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Figure 6-1. Visual Studio Application tab You can also see the assembly information shown in Figure 6-2 by clicking the Assembly Information button.
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Using Length Animations
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The call to the initialize() method, as the name suggests, initializes an instance of the Application class by raising the load event, which then resides on the browser for the remainder of the application life cycle. Therefore, the role and function of the Application class is analogous to the role of the Page class in a typical ASP.NET page. For ASP.NET AJAX pages, the Sys.Application class picks up where the Page class left off on the server side. However, among other things, one big difference is that the client-side events of a page as included in the Sys.Application class are a lot fewer than those offered in the server-side Page class. In fact, there are only three events: init, load, and unload. Internally, the Sys.Application classes map events of JavaScript s window object to these three events. Table 4-11 lists these three events of the Sys.Application class.
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The tool, called InlineIL, works as follows (see Figure 19-5): 1. The high-level source is compiled using the respective compiler (C#, VB .NET, and so on) in debug mode (we ll need the PDB file for step 3!). The ILAsm inserts, placed under #if #endif (or equivalent) pairs, are skipped by the compiler. The resulting module or assembly contains everything except the code defined in the ILAsm inserts. 2. The resulting module or assembly is disassembled, yielding the code in ILAsm. 3. The original source code is analyzed, and the ILAsm inserts are extracted and injected into the disassembly code. The line number information for the injection comes from the PDB file produced in step 1. 4. The modified ILAsm code is assembled. The resulting module or assembly contains everything including the code defined in the ILAsm inserts.
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Pairing with a Headset or Any Bluetooth Device
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if (queueData is IComparable) { if (null == _lastQueueMessage || (queueData as IComparable).CompareTo(_lastQueueMessage.Value) != 0) { _lastQueueMessage = _queueMessage; if (null != _dataUpdateEvent) { _dataUpdateEvent(this, new QueueDataUpdateArgs<T>(_queueMessage.Value)); } } } else { throw new ArgumentException( "The data object must implement IComparable interface!", queueData.GetType().Name); } } } } } } 4. Add a new class, QueueDataUpdateArgs<T>, to the project SoftnetSolutions.ServiceBus.QueueFacade. This class is derived from the EventArgs class and accepts a generic type class as the embedded object for the queue message class. The implementation is shown in Listing 6-20.
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Iterator blocks are explained and demonstrated in 9.
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Configuration Settings
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6.1. Using Report Filters: Shifting Up When Adding Report Filters
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Property Table Validity Rules
Class Members Instance Class Members Static Fields Static Function Members Other Static Class Member Types Constants Properties Instance Constructors Static Constructors Accessibility of Constructors Finalizers Comparison of Constructors and Finalizers The readonly Modifier The this Keyword Indexers Access Modifiers on Accessors Partial Classes
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Basic Design Goals
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