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Now that we have a connection to the database, we can start executing queries. The basic approach is to follow the traditional path of sending a SQL query and processing the results. This is the most approach
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This wizard uses reflection to get this list, so the assemblies must be compiled before the classes will show up in this list. Make sure to build your solution before running the Data Source Configuration Wizard. c# barcode reader
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The following example shows how to make lbl1 Label inherit pnlParent's ViewStateMode. <asp:Panel ID= pnlParent runat=server ViewStateMode=Disabled> <asp:Label ID="lbl1" Text="text" ViewStateMode=Inherit runat="server" /> </asp:Panel>
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Figure 19-5. Type parameters versus type arguments
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There are two overloads for each method that returns column data: one that takes an ordinal column position, and the other that takes the string name of the property. This second overload is a convenience, but makes the code in a business object much more readable. All the methods that return column data are null protected with code like this: Public Function GetString(ByVal name As String) As String Dim index As Integer = Me.GetOrdinal(name) Return Me.GetString(index) End Function Public Overridable Function GetString(ByVal i As Integer) As String _ Implements IDataReader.GetString If mDataReader.IsDBNull(i) Then Return "" Else Return mDataReader.GetString(i) End If End Function If the value in the database is null, the method returns some more palatable value typically, whatever passes for empty for the specific data type. If the value isn t null, it simply returns the value from the underlying data reader object. For String values, the empty value is String.Empty; for numeric types, it is 0; and for Boolean types, it is False. You can look at the full code for SafeDataReader to see all the translations. Notice that the GetString() method that actually does the translation of values is marked as Overridable. This allows you to override the behavior of any of these methods by creating a subclass of SafeDataReader. The GetOrdinal() method translates the column name into an ordinal (numeric) value, which can be used to actually retrieve the value from the underlying IDataReader object. GetOrdinal() looks like this: Public Function GetOrdinal(ByVal name As String) As Integer _ Implements System.Data.IDataReader.GetOrdinal Return mDataReader.GetOrdinal(name) End Function Every data type supported by IDataReader (and there are a lot of them) has a pair of methods that reads the data from the underlying IDataReader object, replacing null values with empty default values as appropriate.
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Signed integer values (lower bound values) are compressed according to a different compression procedure. First the signed integer is encoded as an unsigned integer by taking the absolute value of the original integer, shifting it left by 1 bit, and setting the least significant bit according to the most significant (sign) bit of the original value. Then compression is applied according to the formula shown in Table 8-4. If size and/or the lower bound for a dimension are not specified, they are not presumed to be 0; rather, they are marked as not specified. The specification of size and lower bound cannot have holes that is, if you have an array of rank 5 and want to specify size (or lower bound) for its third dimension, you must specify size (or lower bound) for the first and second dimensions as well. An array specification in ILAsm looks like this: <type> [ <bounds>[, <bounds>*] ] where <bounds> ::= [<lower_bound>] ... [<upper_bound>] The following is an example: int32[..., ...] // Two-dimensional array with undefined lower bounds // And sizes int32[2...5] // One-dimensional array with lower bound 2 and size 4 int32[0..., 0...] // Two-dimensional array with zero lower bounds // And undefined sizes If neither lower bound nor upper bound is specified for a dimension in a multidimensional array declaration, the ellipsis can be omitted. Thus, int32[...,...] and int32[,] mean the same: a two-dimensional array with no lower bounds or sizes specified. This omission does not work in the case of single-dimensional arrays, however. The notation int32[] indicates a vector (<E_T_SZARRAY><E_T_I4>), and int32[...] indicates an array of rank 1 whose lower bound and size are undefined (<E_T_ARRAY><E_T_I4><1><0><0>). The common language runtime treats multidimensional arrays and vectors of vectors (of vectors, and so on) completely differently. The specifications int32[,] and int32[ ][ ] result in different type encoding, are created differently, and are laid out differently when created: int32[,]: This specification has the encoding <E_T_ARRAY><E_T_I4><2><0><0>, is created by a single call to an array constructor, and is laid out as a contiguous two-dimensional array of int32. int32[ ][ ]: This specification has the encoding <E_T_SZARRAY><E_T_SZARRAY><E_T_I4>, is created by a series of newarr instructions, and is laid out as a vector of vector references, each pointing to a contiguous vector of int32, with no guarantee regarding the location of each vector. Vectors of vectors are useful for describing jagged arrays, when the size of the second dimension varies depending on the first dimension index.
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More interesting is the GetDesignTimeData() method, which returns sample data to populate controls like GridView at design time. This method is really the heart of CslaDesignerDataSourceView: Public Overrides Function GetDesignTimeData( _ ByVal minimumRows As Integer, _ ByRef isSampleData As Boolean) As IEnumerable Dim schema As IDataSourceViewSchema = Me.Schema Dim result As New DataTable ' create the columns For Each item As IDataSourceFieldSchema In schema.GetFields result.Columns.Add(item.Name, item.DataType) Next ' create sample data For index As Integer = 1 To minimumRows Dim values(result.Columns.Count - 1) As Object Dim colIndex As Integer = 0 For Each col As DataColumn In result.Columns If col.DataType.Equals(GetType(String)) Then values(colIndex) = "abc"
When working with WCF Data Services you should note the following: Objects are case sensitive. Film is not the same as film (grrrrr!). The query needs to be URL-encoded, so spaces must be encoded as %20. Note the use of the query string character and $ to specify options.
You can create calculated items in a field to perform calculations on other items in that field. For example, if your pivot table contains an Order Status field, you could create a calculated item named Sold, that sums the orders with a status of Shipped, Pending, or Backorder, but doesn t include Canceled orders. You can create calculated fields to perform calculations on other fields in the pivot table. For example, you may have agreed to pay sales representatives a 3 percent bonus on any products for which they sold more than 100 units. The calculated field would display the bonus amount using values in the Units and Total fields.
Open Blend and create a new Silverlight application called SimpleStoryboard. You can see my settings in Figure 5-1.
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