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To use an UpdateProgress control, you drag and drop it onto your page. This will create an <atlas:UpdateProgress> tag on your page. The HTML to display when the call is taking place is then defined using the <ProgressTemplate> tag. When your application executes calls to the server, the HTML defined in the <ProgressTemplate> tag is then displayed. Here s an example that specifies showing the image of a smiley face while the server is being called:
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When marking a child class using the Indexable attribute, you can further specify the behavior of the index. In some cases, you might think it is desirable to force the creation of an index for a child class. For example, if you know for sure that you are going to use the index and you don t want to take the performance hit the first time you use it, you would use the IndexModeAlways option on the attribute. This way, when items are added, they re indexed immediately rather than the first time a query needs it. On the other hand, if it is important to optimize for load time on the collection, and if it is acceptable
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Figure 6-1. The order of attributes, modifiers, and core declarations
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User-Defined Types
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If you look at the preceding DataPortal_Insert() method, you ll notice that the child object collection s Update() method is called before the database connection is closed. In fact, the SqlConnection object is passed as a parameter to the Update() method along with a reference to the Resource object itself: mAssignments.Update(cn, Me) The idea behind this is to make the connection available to the child objects so a connection doesn t have to be opened and closed for each object. The .NET Framework provides database connection pooling, so talking about opening and closing database connections isn t really meaningful. Just because your code closes or disposes a SqlConnection object doesn t mean the connection is actually closed; in fact, it usually isn t closed, but rather is simply returned to the connection pool for later reuse. What this means is that it typically isn t worth worrying about the frequency of opening and closing the database connection, since your code is really just reusing an already open connection anyway. But if you want to eke out that tiny extra bit of performance, you may want to share the connection. Also, if you are implementing manual ADO.NET transactions, you ll want to follow the flow of code I m showing here; though you would pass the SqlTransaction object as a parameter rather than the SqlConnection object. SqlTransaction objects contain a reference to the underlying SqlConnection, so passing a SqlTransaction provides all the information needed to initialize SqlCommand objects to use the same connection and transaction. The principle remains consistent, however. The Update() method in ResourceAssignments accepts the open SqlConnection object and passes it to each ResourceAssignment child object s data access method: Friend Sub Update(ByVal cn As SqlConnection, ByVal resource As Resource) Me.RaiseListChangedEvents = False ' update (thus deleting) any deleted child objects For Each item As ResourceAssignment In DeletedList item.DeleteSelf(cn, resource) Next ' now that they are deleted, remove them from memory too DeletedList.Clear() ' add/update any current child objects For Each item As ResourceAssignment In Me If item.IsNew Then item.Insert(cn, resource) Else item.Update(cn, resource) End If Next Me.RaiseListChangedEvents = True End Sub
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Elliptical arc between two points Cubic Bezier curve between two points Straight line between two points Represents a series of cubic Bezier curves Represents a series of lines Represents a series of quadratic Bezier curves Quadratic Bezier curve between two points
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Let s start off by creating a new Silverlight application project in Blend:
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In Project Tracker, for example, the ProjectResource child object needs the Id property from its parent Project object so that it can store it as a foreign key in the database. By getting a reference to its parent Project object, the ProjectResource gains access to that value as needed.
Table 11-1. Properties Available from RuleDescription
More About the Nullable Types
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