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You can convert text numbers to real numbers in several ways. For example, you can use the Paste Special command. 1. Select a blank cell in the workbook, and then copy it. 2. In the source data, select the cells that contain the text numbers.
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Figure 3-2. If you already have workflows in a document library, this screen allows you to change them or add a new workflow.
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Figure 2-9. How the full class implementation for XAML comes together
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Listing 6-5. Use the CardSpace for .NET Service Bus Connection Authentication relayCredentials.CredentialType = TransportClientCredentialType.CardSpace;
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Starting with the SQL92 standard, the standards have four levels: Entry-level: This is the level to which most vendors have complied. It is a minor enhancement of the predecessor standard, SQL89. No database vendors have been certified higher and, in fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the agency that used to certify for SQL-compliance, does not even certify anymore. I was part of the team that got Oracle 7.0 NIST-certified for SQL92 entrylevel compliance in 1993. An entry level-compliant database has a feature set that is a subset of Oracle 7.0 s capabilities. Transitional: This level is approximately halfway between entry level and intermediate level as far as a feature set goes. Intermediate: This level adds many features including (this is not by any means an exhaustive list) Dynamic SQL Cascade DELETE for referential integrity DATE and TIME data types Domains Variable length character strings A CASE expression CAST functions between data types
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method allows you to ask for those declarations (methods, classes, and fields) defined with a particular annotation. The Collection<TypeDeclaration> getSpecifiedType Declarations() method essentially allows you to get all of them, giving you access to everything passed from the command line. Lastly, Collection<TypeDeclaration> getTypeDeclarations() doesn t require you to specify everything. For the sample in Listing 10-6, use the getSpecifiedTypeDeclarations() variety. To process each declaration, you need a visitor. The com.sun.mirror.util package offers the DeclarationVisitor interface and SimpleDeclarationVisitor implementation to help. The DeclarationVisitor interface offers a series of visitXXXDeclaration() methods so that you can choose to work with only certain types of declarations, such as all the classes, all the interfaces, or all the methods. For instance, to print out the name of each class, you would override the visitClassDeclaration() method.
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The RuleHandler delegate specifies that every rule method accepts two parameters: a reference to the object containing the data, and a RuleArgs object that is used to pass extra information into and out of the rule method. The base RuleArgs object has a PropertyName property that provides the rule method with the name of the property to be validated. It also includes a Description property that the rule method should set for a broken rule to describe why the rule was broken.
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