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Figure 2-21. UML sequence diagram for immediate deletion of a business object Because the data has been deleted at this point, you have nothing to return to the UI, so the overall process remains pretty straightforward. As usual, the client-side DataPortal delegates the call to the server-side data portal. The server-side data portal creates an instance of the business object and invokes its DataPortal_Delete() method, providing the criteria object as a parameter. The business logic to do the deletion itself is encapsulated within the business object, along with all the other business logic relating to the object. Alternatively, the business object could delegate the deletion request to a persistence object in another assembly.
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BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider formatter = new BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider(); HttpChannel channel = new HttpChannel(properties, formatter, null); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel, EncryptChannel); } private static bool EncryptChannel { get { bool encrypt = (ConfigurationManager.AppSettings ["CslaEncryptRemoting"] == "true"); return encrypt; } } #endregion private Server.IDataPortalServer _portal; private Server.IDataPortalServer Portal { get { if (_portal == null) _portal = (Server.IDataPortalServer)Activator.GetObject( typeof(Server.Hosts.RemotingPortal), ApplicationContext.DataPortalUrl.ToString()); return _portal; } } public Server.DataPortalResult Create( Type objectType, object criteria, Server.DataPortalContext context) { return Portal.Create(objectType, criteria, context); } public Server.DataPortalResult Fetch( object criteria, Server.DataPortalContext context) { return Portal.Fetch(criteria, context); } public Server.DataPortalResult Update( object obj, Server.DataPortalContext context) { return Portal.Update(obj, context); }
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Silverlight supports some special features for out-of-browser programs, including access to local storage, application updates, detecting networks, Outlook-style toast notification windows, and more. See the .NET Framework documentation for details at
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Note While recording the macro, Live Preview is disabled, so you won t see a preview when you select a
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To demonstrate the xjc tool, Listing 6-2 shows a simple XML Schema document that describes courses as part of a student s schedule at a university. A schedule consists of a sequence of courses and a location. (This university restricts students to taking courses at a single campus location.) Each course has an ID, name, and description. The course location comes from an enumeration of north, south, east, and west.
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Figure 9-5. Layout of the Login form
Let s discuss each area of functionality in turn.
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