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static void Main( ) { // Find the last names of the students taking history. var query = from s in students join c in studentsInCourses on s.StID equals c.StID where c.CourseName == "History" select s.LastName; // Display the names of the students taking history. foreach (var q in query) Console.WriteLine("Student taking History: {0}", q); } } This code produces the following output: Student taking History: Carson Student taking History: Flemming
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The Csla.SmartDate type is designed to augment the standard .NET DateTime type to make it easier to work with date values. In particular, it provides the following key features: Automatic translation between string and DateTime types Translation of shortcut values to valid dates Understanding of the concept of an empty date Meaningful comparison between a date and an empty date Backward compatibility with SmartDate from the previous edition of this book The DateTime data type is marked sealed, meaning that a new type can t inherit from it to create a different data type. However, it is possible to use containment and delegation to wrap a DateTime value with extra functionality. That s exactly how the SmartDate type is implemented. Like DateTime itself, SmartDate is a value type: [Serializable()] public struct SmartDate : IComparable { private DateTime _date; private bool _emptyIsMax; private string _format; private bool _initialized; } Notice that it has a _date instance field, which is the underlying DateTime value of the SmartDate. Supporting empty date values is more complex than it might appear. An empty date still has meaning, and in fact it is possible to compare a regular date to an empty date and get a valid result.
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Step by Step
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he first part of this chapter will get you up and running with XNA 2.0 by guiding you through the installation process and helping you get your code running on a PC and on the Xbox 360 console. The second part of this chapter contains some more advanced topics for those interested in the inner workings of the XNA Framework. Specifically, the recipes in this chapter cover the following: Installing XNA Game Studio 2.0 and starting your first XNA 2.0 project (recipes 1-1 and 1-2) Running your code on PCs and on the Xbox 360 console (recipes 1-3 and 1-4) Learning more about the timing followed by the XNA Framework (recipe 1-5) Making your code plug-and-play using GameComponent classes and GameServices (recipes 1-6 and 1-7) Allowing the user to save and load their games using XNA s storage capabilities (recipe 1-8)
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Knowing how this book is organized will help you quickly locate things that are important to you. Here we show you the main organization of this book. Remember to take advantage of the abridged table of contents, detailed table of contents, and comprehensive index. All of these elements can help you quickly pinpoint items of interest to you.
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function stringBuilderSample() { var sb = new Sys.StringBuilder("<html>"); sb.appendLine('<head></head>'); sb.appendLine('<body>'); sb.appendLine('<div align=center>'); sb.appendLine(' 4 - ASP.NET Ajax Client Libraries'); sb.append('</div>'); sb.append('</body></html>'); document.write(sb.toString()); }
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Let s say you want to use stack semantics, but you also need to get the instance back from a function call rather than creating it yourself. A typical example would be if a function call (sometimes referred to as an object factory) is used to create instances and return a handle to them. You can do this with an auto_handle, which is a handle that acts like an automatic variable. auto_handle is a managed template a template applied to a reference type. You ll read more about managed templates in 11. The auto_handle template takes one parameter: the type of the handle. Listing 4-18 shows an example. Listing 4-18. Using auto_handle // auto_handle.cpp #include <msclr\auto_handle.h> using namespace System; using namespace msclr; ref class DBConnection { public: bool Open() { // Open a database connection (actual code omitted). // ... return true; } void Close() { // Close the database connection. // ... } }; ref class PlantData { DBConnection^ connection; int id;
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Create InfoPath Form
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Adds a routed event handler for a specified routed event by adding the handler to the handler collection on the current element. Positions objects contained by this visual element and determines size for the UIElement. Invoked by the layout system. Sends mouse input to the object even when the mouse pointer is not within its bounding box. Useful for drag-and-drop scenarios. Only one UIElement can have the mouse captured at a time. Causes UIElement to update its layout. Invalidates the measurementstate for a UIElement. Sets the DesiredSize property for layout purposes. Invoked by the layout system. Implemented by inheritors that participate in the automation system. Returns an AutomationPeer object. Removes the mouse capture obtained via CaptureMouse. Removes the specified routed event handler from the UIElement. Returns a GeneralTransform that is used to transform coordinates from this UIElement to the object passed in. Ensures all child objects are updated for layout. Invoked by the layout system.
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A Closer Look at Routing
The Iteration Variable Is Read-Only
Figure 16-28. Hook the Buy Now Button up to the ShowDialog State.
Use the WithExecutionMode extension method
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