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Figure 15-7. Result of adding methods to a delegate. In reality, because delegates are immutable, the resulting delegate with three methods in its invocation list is an entirely new delegate pointed at by the variable. What is actually happening, of course, is that when the += operator is used, a new delegate is created, with an invocation list that is the combination of the delegate on the left plus the method listed on the right. This new delegate is then assigned to the delVar variable.
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Many types are apparently missing from the preceding list, such as INT, INTEGER, SMALLINT, FLOAT, REAL, and others. These types are actually implemented on top of one of the base types in the preceding list that is, they are synonyms for the native Oracle type. Additionally, datatypes such as XMLType, SYS.ANYTYPE, and SDO_GEOMETRY are not listed because we will not cover them in this book. They are complex object types comprising a collection of attributes along with the methods (functions) that operate on those attributes. They are made up of the basic datatypes listed previously and are not truly datatypes in the conventional sense, but rather an implementation, a set of functionality, that you may make use of in your applications. Now, let s take a closer look at these basic datatypes.
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The EmulatorComponent Class
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known as SharePoint. What people refer to as SharePoint is really two distinct products just as in the last version. First there is Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). This product is free and forms the basis for the next product, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. WSS ships as part of Microsoft s server products (Windows Server 2003, Longhorn, etc.). MOSS, on the other hand, is a separate product and is not free. It extends WSS in several important ways, primarily due to its lineage it is a combination of the old SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Content Management Server products. When I refer to SharePoint, I mean both products. If I m talking about just one product, I ll call it be name.
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